Career Values Inventory

Part I: Reflecting on your career values
What activities bring meaning and purpose to your life? /How do you define success?
Think about a time you felt motivated in your life‚ in a job‚ or in a volunteer position. What contributed to that feeling of motivation?
What would you miss if you left your current job or what do you miss about the best job you ever had?
Part II: Career Values Inventory
ACHIEVEMENT – Results orientation; using your strongest skills; feeling a sense of accomplishment
ADVANCEMENT – Move forward in your career and have opportunities for growth through seniority
ADVENTURE/EXCITEMENT – Risk taking‚ lots of activity‚ and thrill seeking through action
AESTHETICS – Appreciation for the beauty of things‚ people‚ art‚ nature‚ and surroundings
ALTRUISM/HELP SOCIETY – Contribute to the greater good
BALANCE – The ability to pursue interests and fulfill commitments outside of work
BENEFITS – Additional work compensation such as insurance‚ vacation‚ sick leave‚ etc.
COLLABORATION – Provide support/service to others; opportunity to work with others to find common ground and achieve shared goals
COMMUNITY – Work connected with service‚ politics‚ or community affairs
COMPETITION – Opportunities to test your skills or match your performance against others
CONSISTENCY – Consistent duties that are dependable and do not change over time
CONTACT – Frequent contact with colleagues‚ clients‚ students‚ patients‚ customers‚ etc.
CREATIVITY – Express new ideas‚ programs‚ systems‚ etc.
EXPERTISE – Be known as someone with special knowledge‚ skill‚ and ability in a specific area
FUN – A playful‚ light hearted work environment where humour is appreciated
FAST PACE – Quick pace of activity with quick outcomes
HARMONY – A calm‚ harmonious‚ environment with minimal conflict
HELP OTHERS – Assist others in direct ways‚ either in groups or individually
INDEPENDENCE – Work without constant supervision; the ability to make decisions without consult
INFLUENCE OTHERS – Have significant impact on others to change attitudes or opinions
KINESTHETIC – Use your hands and body
KNOWLEDGE/LEARNING – Gather new information and ideas
LEADERSHIP – Inspire‚ motivate‚ or direct others
LOCATION – Live somewhere conducive to your lifestyle and priorities
MAKE DECISIONS – Power to decide course of action/policies
MENTAL CHALLENGE – Perform tasks requiring mental effort in order to be done successfully
MONEY – Significant financial benefit / making a lot of money
PERSONAL GROWTH – Opportunities to grow as a person
PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Physical demands you find rewarding
RECOGNITION – Acknowledgement and/or praise for your work
SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT – Consistency with your ideals‚ beliefs‚ and/or morals
SECURITY – Stable work environment and financial stability
STATUS/PRESTIGE – Respect from others given nature and level of your work
SUPPORT – Advocacy‚ resources‚ training‚ and guidance from management
TECHNOLOGY – Use computers‚ electronic equipment‚ and technical software
TIME FREEDOM – Management of your own schedule/workload
TRAVEL – Opportunity to travel
VARIETY – Frequent changes in your work tasks
WORK ALONE – Do projects individually; little contact with others
WORKING CONDITIONS – Comfortable work environment‚ dress code‚ additional amenities
WORK UNDER PRESSURE – Time pressure is significant and quality is critically reviewed
·         VERY IMPORTANT – You could not go without this / give this up.
·         IMPORTANT – You like this; it would be good / nice to have.
·         NEUTRAL – Undecided; you feel no strong emotion towards this one way or the other.
·         NOT IMPORTANT – This is something you could easily go without or may choose to avoid altogether
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