Lambeth Disability Screening Questionnaire (LDSQ)

Lambeth Disability Screening Questionnaire(LDSQ)
Patrick and others‚ 1981
Version 3
Because of illness‚ accident or anything related to your health‚ do you have difficulty with any of thefollowing? Read out individually and code.
a.    Walking without help
b.    Getting outside the house without help
c.    Crossing the road without help
d.    Travelling on a bus or train without help
e.    Getting in and out of bed or chair without help
f.     Dressing or undressing without help
g.    Kneeling or bending without help
h.    Going up or down stairs without help
i.      ha‎ving a bath or all over wash without help
j.     Holding or gripping (for example a comb or pen) without help
k.    Getting to and using the toilet without help
l.      Eating or drinking without help
Because of your health‚ do you have . . .
m. m. Difficulty seeing newspaper print even with glasses
n.    n. Difficulty recognizing people across the road even with glasses
o.    o. Difficulty in hearing a conversation even with a hearing aid
p.    p. Difficulty speaking
Because of your health‚ do you have difficulty . . .
q.    q. Preparing or cooking a hot meal without help
r.     r. Doing housework without help
s.    s. Visiting family or friends without help
t.     t. Doing any of your hobbies or spare time activities
u.    u. Doing paid work of any kind (if under 65)
v.    v. Doing paid work of your choice (if under 65)

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