OECD Long-Term Disability Questionnaire

OECD Long-Term Disability Questionnaire
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development‚ 1981
1.    Is your eyesight good enough to read ordinary newspaper print? (with glasses if usually worn).
2.    Is your eyesight good enough to see the face of someone from 4 meters? (with glasses if usually worn).
3.    Can you hear what is said in a normal conversation with 3 or 4 other persons? (with hearing aid if you usually wear one).
4.    Can you hear what is said in a normal conversation with one other person? (with hearing aid if you usually wear one).
5.    Can you speak without difficulty?
6.    Can you carry an object of 5 kilos for 10 meters?
7.    Could you run 100 meters?
8.    Can you walk 400 meters without resting?
9.    Can you walk up and down one flight of stairs without resting?
10.Can you move between rooms?
11.Can you get in and out of bed?
12.Can you dress and undress?
13.Can you cut your toenails?
14.Can you (when standing)‚ bend down and pick up a shoe from the floor?
15.Can you cut your own food? (such as meat‚ fruit‚ etc.).
16.Can you both bite and chew on hard foods? (for example‚ a firm apple or celery).
Yes‚ without difficulty; Yes‚ with minor difficulty; Yes‚ with major difficultyand No‚ not able to.

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