Inventory of Values

Ewell‚ 1954
1.        To crash a party you have not been invited to.
2.        To gamble.
3.        To use slugs in pin-ball machines.
4.        To take “sick leave” when you want to go to a baseball game.
5.        To belong to secret societies.
6.        To make huge profits.
7.        To be a pacifist.
8.        To defend a Negro.
9.        To get mad enough to hit your brother.
10.     To get a divorce.
11.     To use birth control methods.
12.     To pass counterfeit money which was passed to you.
13.     To take advantage of mistakes in a contract.
14.     To encourage sterilization.
15.     To go to church regularly.
16.     To have some sort of sexual expression at least every day.
17.     To play the stock market.
18.     To “bill and coo” with your wife in the presence of your children.
19.     For a man to be an interior decorator.
20.     To sneak something through customs.
21.     Not to have any sexual experiences before marriage.
22.     To confess your sins.
23.     To kill an enemy soldier.
24.     To play with a woman’s breasts.
25.     To read “dirty” stories.
26.     To lie about the speed you were doing when you hit the other car.
27.     To tell your mother-in-law off.
28.     To abandon a burning building before seeing that others are safe.
29.     To talk back to your supervisor.
30.     To get on the good side of your supervisor.
31.     To have a mistress.
32.     To hide the defects of your car when you sell it so as to get as much as possible for it.
33.     To eat with your fingers.
34.     To have your parents live with your family.
35.     To bribe a cop to avoid a ticket.
36.     To buy something you can’t afford.
37.     To gossip.
38.     To go through a red light.
39.     To exaggerate damages or loss in settling an insurance claim.
40.     To go to a prostitute.
41.     To tell your children about sex.
42.     To whip your children.
43.     To buy things that are embargoed which are still available.
44.     For a girl to be a tomboy.
45.     To follow the saying “Finders keepers‚ losers weepers.”
46.     To use profanity.
47.     To get a parking ticket fixed.
48.     To display affection for a man openly.
49.     To cash in on the reputation of your family to get a job.
50.     To look at “dirty” pictures.
51.     To ask your boss for a raise.
52.     To let your wife run the family’s money.
53.     To allow your daughter to marry someone you do not like.
54.     To criticize how the government is run.
55.     To allow your 8-year old son and 6-year old daughter to sleep in the same room.
56.     To force an older child to give in to a younger child.
57.     To take the blame for a co-worker’s mistake.
58.     To lie to a policeman.
59.     To take the blame for a buddy’s mistake.
60.     To answer your child’s questions about sex‚ child birth‚ e t c .
61.     To go swimming nude.
62.     To avoid orgasm until the woman is ready.
63.     To under sell a competitor.
64.     To experiment with various positions for sex.
65.     To get a job by pull.
66.     To get drunk.
67.     To exaggerate your business experience to get a better job.
68.     For a boy to be a sissy.
69.     To have a two year old child sleep in the same room as his parents.
70.     To tell “fish stories.”
71.     To try to take another man’s girl away from him.
72.     To use contraceptives.
73.     To urinate outside.
74.     To belch openly.
75.     To take drugs.
76.     To agree always with your boss because you need the job.
77.     To pad an expense account.
78.     To go to banned movies.
79.     To kill an enemy prisoner.
80.     To go in to bankruptcy to avoid paying debts.
81.     To let your 6-year old son dress up in his mother’s clothes.
82.     To have extra-marital intercourse.
83.     To have sex in any but the usual way.
84.     To follow a book on bringing up children.
85.     To play golf on Sunday.
86.     To lend your brother money.
87.     To masturbate.
88.     To go on wild-cat strikes.
89.     To play the horses.
90.     To be seen undressed by others of the opposite sex.
91.     To get an erection by thinking about a girl.
92.     To take your employer’s customers away from him by going in to business yourself.
93.     To allow your 5-year old son and 6-year old daughter to take a bath together.
94.     To be a conscientious objector.
95.     To allow an 18-year old daughter to kiss her boyfriend.
96.     To allow your wife to have dinner with another man when you are away from home.
97.     To allow your children to play on your neighbor’s property.
98.     To defend a Jew.
99.     To exceed the speed limit.
100. To offer someone advice even if he doesn’t ask for it.
101. To copy from someone else’s examination paper.
102. To pay for something you break.
103. To keep the temperature low in your tenant’s apartment to save fuel.
104. To tell your son it is wrong to masturbate.
105. To carry life insurance.
106. To tell a buddy his wife is unfaithful.
107. To buy a drink for a minor.
108. To turn in to lost and found a wallet you find someone has left on a bus.
Always Right‚ Generally Right‚ Neither Right nor Wrong‚ Generally Wrong‚ Always Wrong

Ewell‚ A.H.‚ J r . (1954).The relationship between the rigidity of moral values and the severity of functional psychological illness: a study with war veterans of one religious group. Doctoral dissertation ‚ New York University.

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