Index of Family Relations (IFR)

1. ___The members of my family really care about each other.
2. ___I think my family is terrific.
3. ___My family gets on my nerves.
4. ___I really enjoy my family.
5. ___I can really depend on my family.
6. ___I really do not care to be around my family.
7. ___I wish I was not a part of this family.
8. ___I get along well with my family.
9. ___Members of my family argue too much.
10. ___There is no sense of closeness in my family.
11. ___I feel like a stranger in my family.
12. ___My family does not understand me.
13. ___There is too much hatred in my family.
14. ___Members of my family are really good to one another.
15. ___My family is well respected by those who know us.
16. ___There seems to be a lot of friction in my family.
17. ___There is a lot of love in my family.
18. ___Members of my family get along well together.
19. ___Life in my family is generally unpleasant.
20. ___My family is a great joy to me.
21. ___I feel proud of my family.
22. ___Other families seem to get along better than ours.
23. ___My family is a real source of comfort to me.
24. ___I feel left out of my family.
25. ___My family is an unhappy one.
This instrument can be found on pages 57- 58 of THE DIVERSE ADOLESCENT RELATIONAL AGGRESSION MEASURE: DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION. Available online at:
1= None of the time/ 2= Very rarely/ 3= A little of the time/ 4= Some of the time/ 5= A good part of the time/ 6= Most of the time/ 7= All of the time

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