Illness Behaviour Questionnaire (IBQ)

Illness Behaviour Questionnaire (IBQ)
Pilowsky & Spence‚ 1993
1.    Do you worry a lot about your health?
2.    Do you think there is something wrong with your body?
3.    Does your illness interfere with your life a great deal?
4.    Are you easy to get along with when you are ill?
5.    Does your family have history of illness?
6.    Do you think you are more liable to illness than other people?
7.    If the doctor told you that he could find nothing wrong with you‚ would you believe him?
8.    Is it easy for you to forget about yourself and think about all sorts of other things?
9.    If you feel ill and someone tell you that you are better‚ do you become annoyed?
10.Do you find that you are often aware of various things happening in your body?
11.Do you ever think of your illness as a punishment for something you have done wrong in the past?
12.Do you have trouble with your nerves?
13.If you fill ill or worried‚ can you be easily cheered up by the doctor?
14.Do you think that other people realize what it’s like to be sick?
15.Does it upset you to talk to the doctor about your illness?
16.Are you bothered by many pains and aches?
17.Does your illness affect the way you get on with your family or friends a great deal?
18.Do you find that you get anxious easily?
19.Do you know anybody who was had the same illness as you?
20.Are you more sensitive than other people?
21.Are you afraid of illness?
22.Can you express your personal feelings easily to other people?
23.Do people fill sorry for you when you are ill?
24.Do you think that you worry about health more than other people?
25.Do you find that your illness affects your sexual relations?
26.Do you experience a lot of pain with your illness?
27.Except for your illness‚ do you have any problems in your life?
28.Do you care whether or not people realise that you are sick?
29.Do you find that you get jealous of other peoples good health?
30.Do you ever have silly thoughts about your health which you can’t get out of your mind‚ no matter how hard you try?
31.Dou you have any financial problem?
32.Are you upset by the way people take your illness?
33.Is it hard for you to believe the doctor when he tells you there is nothing for you to worry about?
34.Do you often worry about the possibility that you have got a serious illness?
35.Are you sleeping well?
36.When you are angry‚ do you tend to bottle up your feelings?
37.Do you often think that you might suddenly fall ill’?
38.If a disease is brought to your attention (through the radio‚ television‚ newspapers or someone you know) do you worry about getting it yourself?
39.Do get the feeling that people are not taking your illness seriously enough?
40.Are you upset about the appearance of your face or body?
41.Do you find that you are bothered by many different symptoms?
42.Do you frequently try to explain to others how your feelings are?
43.Do you have any family problems?
44.Do you think that there is something the matter with your mind?
45.Are you eating well?
46.Is your bad health the biggest difficulty of your life?
47.Do you find that you get sad easily?
48.Do you worry or fuss over small details that seem unimportant to others?
49.Are you always a co-operative patient?
50.Do you often have the symptoms of a very serious disease?
51.Do you find that you get angry easily?
52.Do you have any work problems?
53.Do you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself?
54.Do you find that you get depressed?
55.Would all your worries be over if you were physically healthy?
56.Are you more irritable towards other people?
57.Do you think that your symptoms may be caused by worry’?
58.Is it easy for you to let People know when you are Cross with them?
59.Is it hard for you to relax?
60.Do you have personal worries that are not caused by physical illness?
61.Do you often find that you lose patience with other people?
62.Is it hard for you to show people your personal feelings?
General (phobic) Hypochondriasis
Disease conviction
Psychological vs. somatic focusing
Affective inhibition
Affective disturbance
Denial scale
Yes‚ No.

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