Gratitude Questionnaire – 6 (GQ-6)

1.    I have so much in life to be thankful for.
2.    If I had to list everything that I felt grateful for‚ it would be a very long list.
3.    When I look at the world‚ I don’t see much to be grateful for.*
4.    I am grateful to a wide variety of people.
5.    As I get older I find myself more able to appreciate the people‚ events‚ and situations that have been part of my life history.
6.    Long amounts of time can go by before I feel grateful to something or someone.*
Items 3 and 6 are reverse-scored.
1 = strongly disagree‚ 2 = disagree‚ 3 = slightly disagree‚ 4 = neutral‚ 5 = slightly agree‚ 6 = agree‚ 7 = strongly agree

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