Family Coping Inventory (FCI)

1.    Talking with other individuals in my same situation people
2.    Going to School
3.    Learning new skills
4.    Developing myself as a person
5.    Making financial investments/savings
6.    Doing things with the family
7.    Involvement in religious activities
8.    Trying to be a father and a mother to the children
9.    Allowing myself to become angry
10.Believing that my husband's carder is most important
11.Always depending upon friends to give me support
12.Trying to maintain family stability
13.Investing myself in my children
14.Becoming more independent
16.Believing that the organizations that my spouse and I work for have my family's best interest in mind
17.Taking advantage of local programs and services aimed at helping those in my situation
18.Wishing my spouse (or former spouse) was not gone and that things were different
19.Believing that my life would not be any better if my spouse were here (or my former spouse and I were still together)
20.Believing close relationships with people
21.Taking advantage of professional counseling
22.Involvement in activities specifically for someone in my situation
23.Establishing a now life for myself
24.Drinking alcohol
25.Always counting on relatives to help me out
26.Being active In the local community
27.Doing things with relatives
28.Reliving the past; reflecting on the memorable moments
30.Believing that things will always work out
32.Talking to someone about how I feel
33.Showing that I'm strong
34.Using drugs
35.Making sure I take advantage of all the state and local economic benefits I have coming to me
36.Participating on a regular basis in planned activities conducted by others in my situation
37.Establishing a routine which is not dependent upon my spouse (or former spouse) being around
38.Believing that I am better at running the family and/or finances without my spouse or former spouse
39.Believing that this is our style of life and I should enjoy It
40.Always trusting my faith to pull Me through
41.Doing more things with the children
42.Being a "good" wife and doing what my husband wants me to do
43.Believing in God
44.Doing volunteer work
45.Involvement in social activities (parties‚ etc.) with friends
46.Planning my future
47.Concentrating on hobbies (art‚ music‚ sewing‚ etc.)
50.Always relying on myself to solve problems
51.Going shopping with the children or by myself
52.Reading about how other persons in my situation handle things
53.Seeking encouragement‚ guidance and support from my parent(s)
54.Engaging In relationships and friendships which are satisfying to me
55. Sleeping
56. Keeping myself In shape and well groomed
57. Watching television
58. Going to movies
59. Remodeling or redecorating the house
60.Engaging in club work (church‚ PTA‚ etc.)
61.Telling myself that I have many I things I should be thankful for
62.Keeping problem to myself
63.Gong shopping with friends
64.Advancing my professional career
65.Living up to what society wants me to do as a parent
66.Participating in gatherings and events with relatives
67.Socializing with friends of the opposite sex
68.Establish a new style of life-new - friends‚ new activities‚ etc
69. Always believing that nothing bad could ever happen to my children
70. Seeking out friend who understand how difficult It Is for me at times
3=Very helpful‚ 2= Moderate helpful‚ 1= Minimally helpful‚ 0= Not helpful
For long term separation 3‚ 4‚ 6‚ 8‚ 12‚ 14‚ 16‚ 18‚ 20‚ 28-30‚ 32‚ 33‚ 35‚ 41‚ 43‚ 45‚ 46‚ 54‚ 56‚ 57‚ 61‚ 63‚ and 70
For short term separation 1-9‚ 12-15‚ 17‚ 19-23‚ 26‚ 27‚ 29‚ 31-33‚ 36-38‚ 41‚ 43‚ 45-49‚ 51‚ 53-59‚ 63‚ 64‚ 66-68.
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