Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire EATQ-R

Capaldi‚ D. M.‚ & Rothbart‚ M. K. (1992). Development and validation of an earlyadolescent temperament measure. Journal of Early Adolescence‚ 12‚ 153-173.

1.    It is easy for me to really concentrate on homework problems.
2.    I feel pretty happy most of the day. R
3.    I think it would be exciting to move to a new city.
4.    I like to feel a warm breeze blowing on my face.
5.    If I’m mad at somebody‚ I tend to say things that I know will hurt their feelings.
6.    I notice even little changes taking place around me‚ like lights getting brighter in a room.
7.    I have a hard time finishing things on time.
8.    I feel shy with kids of the opposite sex.
9.    When I am angry‚ I throw or break things.
10.It’s hard for me not to open presents before I’m supposed to. R
11.My friends seem to enjoy themselves more than I do.
12.I tend to notice little changes that other people do not notice.
13.If I get really mad at someone‚ I might hit them.
14.When someone tells me to stop doing something‚ it is easy for me to stop.
15.I feel shy about meeting new people.
16.I enjoy listening to the birds sing.
17.I want to be able to share my private thoughts with someone else.
18.I do something fun for awhile before starting my homework‚ even when I’m not supposed to. R
19.I wouldn’t like living in a really big city‚ even if it was safe. R
20.It often takes very little to make me feel like crying.
21.I am very aware of noises.
22.I tend to be rude to people I don’t like.
23.I like to look at the pattern of clouds in the sky.
24.I can tell if another person is angry by their expression.
25.It bothers me when I try to make a phone call and the line is busy.
26.The more I try to stop myself from doing something I shouldn’t‚ the more likely I am to do it. R
27.I enjoy exchanging hugs with people I like.
28.Skiing fast down a steep slope sounds scary to me. R
29.I get sad more than other people realize.
30.If I have a hard assignment to do‚ I get started right away.
31.I will do most anything to help someone I care about.
32.I get frightened riding with a person who likes to speed.
33.I like to look at trees and walk amongst them.
34.I find it hard to shift gears when I go from one class to another at school. R
35.I worry about my family when I’m not with them.
36.I get very upset if I want to do something and my parents won’t let me.
37.I get sad when a lot of things are going wrong.
38.When trying to study‚ I have difficulty tuning out background noise and concentrating. R
39.I finish my homework before the due date.
40.I worry about getting into trouble.
41.I am good at keeping track of several different things that are happening around me.
42.I would not be afraid to try a risky sport‚ like deep-sea diving.
43.It’s easy for me to keep a secret.
44.It is important to me to have close relationships with other people.
45.I am shy.
46.I am nervous of some of the kids at school who push people into lockers and throw your books around.
47.I get irritated when I have to stop doing something that I am enjoying.
48.I wouldn’t be afraid to try something like mountain climbing.
49.I put off working on projects until right before they’re due. R
50.When I’m really mad at a friend‚ I tend to explode at them.
51.I worry about my parent(s) dying or leaving me.
52.I enjoy going places where there are big crowds and lots of excitement.
53.I am not shy. R
54.I am quite a warm and friendly person.
55.I feel sad even when I should be enjoying myself‚ like at Christmas or on a trip.
56.It really annoys me to wait in long lines.
57.I feel scared when I enter a darkened room at home.
58.I pick on people for no real reason.
59.I pay close attention when someone tells me how to do something.
60.I get very frustrated when I make a mistake in my school work.
61.I tend to get in the middle of one thing‚ then go off and do something else. R
62.It frustrates me if people interrupt me when I’m talking.
63.I can stick with my plans and goals.
64.I get upset if I’m not able to do a task really well.
65.I like the crunching sound of autumn leaves.
1.    Worries about getting into trouble.
2.    When angry at someone‚ says thing s/he knows will hurt that person’s feelings.
3.    Has a hard time finishing things on time. (R)
4.    Thinks traveling to Africa or India would be exciting and fun.
5.    If ha‎ving a problem with someone‚ usually tries to deal with it right away.
6.    Has a hard time waiting his/her turn to speak when excited. (R)
7.    Often does not seem to enjoy things as much as his/her friends.
8.    Opens presents before s/he is supposed to. (R)
9.    Would be frightened by the thought of skiing fast down a steep slope. (R)
10.Feels like crying over very little on some days.
11.If very angry‚ might hit someone.
12.Likes taking care of other people.
13.Likes to be able to share his/her private thoughts with someone else.
14.Usually does something fun for awhile before starting her/his homework‚ even though s/he is not supposed to.
15.Finds it easy to really concentrate on a problem.
16.Thinks it would be exciting to move to a new city.
17.When asked to do something‚ does it right away‚ even if s/he doesn’t want to.
18.Would like to be able to spend time with a good friend every day.
19.Tends to be rude to people s/he doesn’t like.
20.Is annoyed by little things other kids do.
21.Gets very irritated when someone criticizes her/him.
22.When interrupted or distracted‚ forgets what s/he was about to say. (R)
23.Is more likely to do something s/he shouldn’t do the more s/he tries to stop her/himself. (R)
24.Enjoys exchanging hugs with people s/he likes.
25.Slams doors when angry.
26.Is sad more often than other people realize.
27.Can generally think of something to say‚ even with strangers.
28.Wouldn’t be afraid to try a risky sport like deep sea diving.
29.Expresses a desire to travel to exotic places when s/he hears about them.
30.Worries about our family when s/he is not with us.
31.Gets irritated when I will not take her/him someplace s/he wants to go.
32.Doesn’t criticize others. (R)
33.Is hardly ever sad‚ even when lots of things are going wrong. (R)
34.Would like driving a racing car.
35.Has a difficult time tuning out background noise and concentrating when trying to study. (R)
36.Usually finishes her/his homework before it’s due.
37.Likes it when something exciting and different happens at school.
38.Usually gets started right away on difficult assignments.
39.Is good at keeping track of several different things that are happening around her/him.
40.Is energized by being in large crowds of people.
41.Tends to try to blame mistakes on someone else.
42.Makes fun of how other people look.
43.Wants to have close relationships with other people.
44.Is shy.
45.Gets irritated when s/he has to stop doing something s/he is enjoying.
46.Usually puts off working on a project until it is due. (R)
47.Is able to stop him/herself from laughing at inappropriate times.
48.Is afraid of the idea of me dying or leaving her/him.
49.Is often in the middle of doing one thing and then goes off to do something else without finishing it. (R)
50.Is not shy. (R)
51.Is quite a warm and friendly person.
52.Sometimes seems sad even when s/he should be enjoying her/himself like at Christmas‚ or on a trip.
53.Doesn’t enjoy playing softball or baseball because s/he is afraid of the ball.
54.Likes meeting new people.
55.Feels scared when entering a darkened room at night.
56.Wouldn’t want to go on the frightening rides at the fair. (R)
57.Hates it when people don’t agree with him/her.
58.Gets very frustrated when s/he makes a mistake in her/his school work.
59.Is usually able to stick with his/her plans and goals.
60.Pays close attention when someone tells her/him how to do something.
61.Is nervous being home alone.
62.Feels shy about meeting new people.
This instrument can be found on pages 179-187 of “Individual Differences and Adolescent Psychosocial Development”‚ available online at:
1 = Almost always untrue; 2 = Usually untrue; 3 = Sometimes true‚ sometimes untrue; 4 = Usually true; and 5 = Almost always true.
For questions regarding the CBQ‚ CBQ-SF‚ or CBQ-VSF‚ contact Samuel Putnam at [email protected] (postal mail: Department of Psychology‚ Bowdoin College‚ 6900 College Station‚ Brunswick‚ ME 04011)
Please note that these questionnaires are to be used for research purposes only. If you are interested in acquiring current versions of these instruments‚ we request that you first complete our request form‚ providing us with a brief description of your plans for use of the measures. Following the completion of your research‚ we request that you contact us to inform us of the results of your project as they relate to the temperament scales. In this way‚ we hope to coordinate attempts at validation of the scales.

Ellis‚ L. K.‚ & Rothbart‚ M. K. (2001‚ April). Revision of the Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development‚ Minneapolis‚ MN.

Ellis‚ L. K. (2002). Individual differences and adolescent psychological development. Unpublished doctoral dissertation‚ University of Oregon.

Ellis‚ L. K.‚ & Rothbart‚ M. K. (2001). Revision of the Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire. Poster presented at the 2001 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development‚ Minneapolis‚ Minnesota.

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