Confusion‚ Hubbub‚ and Order Scale (CHAOS)

For each statement below‚ please assign a number between 1 and 4 to indicate how much each statement describes your home environment. Please use the following scale:
1. There is very little commotion in our home.
2. We can usually find things when we need them.
3. We almost always seem to be rushed.
4. We are usually able to stay on top of things.
5. No matter how hard we try‚ we always seem to be running late.
6. It’s a real zoo in our home.
7. At home we can talk to each other without being interrupted.
8. There is often a fuss going on at our home.
9. No matter what our family plans‚ it usually doesn’t seem to work out.
10. You can’t hear yourself think in our home.
11. I often get drawn into other people’s arguments at home.
12. Our home is a good place to relax.
13. The telephone takes up a lot of our time at home.
14. The atmosphere in our home is calm.
15. First thing in the day‚ we have a regular routine  at home.
1 = Very much like your own home
2 = Somewhat like your own home
3 = A little bit like your own home
4 = Not at all like your own home

Matheny‚ A.P.‚ Washs‚ T. D.‚ Ludwig‚ J.L.‚ & Philips‚ K. (1995). Bringing Order Out of Chaos: Psychometric ch‎aracteristics of the Confusion‚ Hubbub‚ and Order Scale. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology‚ 16‚ pp.429-444.