Caregiver Abuse Screen (CASE)

Please answer the following questions as a helper or caregiver with yes or no
1.    Do you sometimes have trouble making (___) control his/her temper or aggression?
2.    Do you often feel you are being forced to act out of ch‎aracter or do things you feel bad about?
3.    Do you find it difficult to manage (___’s) behavior?
4.    Do you sometimes feel that you are forced to be rough with (___)?
5.    Do you sometimes feel you can’t do what is really necessary or what should be done for (___)?
6.    Do you often feel you have to reject or ignore (___)?
7.    Do you often feel so tired and exhausted that you cannot meet (___‘s) needs?
8.    Do you often feel you have to yell at (___)?
A response of “no” to items 6‚ 8‚ 13‚ and 15 and a response of “yes” to all other score in the abused direction.

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