Brief Shame and Guilt Questionnaire for Children

Brief Shame and Guilt Questionnaire for Children
Novin & Rieffe‚ 2015
1.    Your classmate is using the red pen the whole time. You also need the pen. You snatch away the pen. You feel guilty
2.    You are walking in the middle of a busy shopping street. You trip. All your books and pens fall out of your bag on the street. You feel ashamed
3.    You are riding your bike on the pavement. You are going really fast. Suddenly a little girl is standing there and you bump into her. You feel guilty
4.    You get a very bad grade at school. You feel ashamed
5.    You want to go home quickly. The little girl from next door dr‎ops her marbles. You don’t help‚ because you’re in a hurry. You feel guilty
6.    You are going to school. You have cut your own hair. You feel stupid. You feel ashamed
7.    Your classmate worked a long time on a painting. But you don’t watch out. You knock over a glass of water on his drawing. Everything spills over the painting. The painting is totally ruined. You feel guilty
8.    You fall from your bike onto the pavement. People stop to watch. You leave quickly. You feel ashamed
9.    Your classmate hasn’t finished her essay on time. She asks you for help. You don’t help her‚ because you don’t feel like it. You feel guilty
10.You are standing in front of the class. You have to give a talk. Everyone is looking at you. You forget what you wanted to say. You feel ashamed
11.There is only one cookie left in the cookie jar. You quickly put it in your mouth. Now your friend doesn’t have a cookie. You feel guilty
12.You are at your classmate’s house for the first time. You get a class with chocolate milk. You trip on the carpet. The chocolate milk falls out of your hands. You feel ashamed
Not at all‚ A little‚ A Lot

Novin‚ S. & Rieffe‚ C. (2015). Validation of the Brief Shame and Guilt Questionnaire for Children. Personality and Individual Differences‚ 85‚ 56-59.