Brief Measure of Worry Severity (BMWS)

1.    When I worry‚ it interferes with my day-to-day functioning (eg. stops me getting my work done‚ organizing myself or activities).
2.    When I think I should be finished worrying about something‚ I find myself worrying about the same thing‚ over and over.
3.    My worrying leads me to feel down and depressed.
4.    When I worry‚ it interferes with my ability to make decisions or solve problems.
5.    I feel tense and anxious when I worry.
6.    I worry that bad things or events are certain to happen.
7.    I often worry about not being able to stop myself from worrying.
8.    As a consequence of my worrying‚ I tend to feel emotional unease or discomfort.
0-Not true at all‚ 1- Somewhat true‚ 2- Moderately true‚ 3- Definitely true

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