Brief Assessment Schedule Depression (BAS-D)

1. Admits to worrying in the last month
2. Worries about almost everything
3. Sad or depressed mood in last month
4. Depression lasts longer than a few hours
5. Depression worst at beginning of the day
6. Has felt life not worth living in past month
7. Has not felt happy in last month
8. Bothered and depressed by current loneliness
9. Almost nothing enjoyed lately
10. Less enjoyment than 1 year ago
11. Less enjoyment because depressed/nervous
12. Has had episodes of depression longer than 1week duration prior to past year
13. Reports headaches in past month
14. Poor appetite in the absence of medical cause
15. Slowed in physical movement compared to 1year ago
16. Difficulty sleeping due to altered moods‚ thoughts or tension
17. Has cried or felt like crying in past month
18i. Pessimistic or empty expectations of future
18ii. Thinks future bleak or unbearable
19i. Has wished to be dead in past month
19ii. Suicidal thoughts
19iii. Serious consideration of methods of suicide or actual attempts in past month
20. Obvious self-blame present
21. Describes self as not very happy/not at all happy (opposed to fairly or very happy)
Even Briefer Assessment Scale for Depression (EBAS DEP)
Allen et al. 1994
1. Do you worry? In the past month?
2. Have you been sad or depressed in the past month?
3. During the past month have you ever felt that life was not worth living?
4. How do you feel about your future? What are your hopes for the future?
5. During the past month have you at any time felt you would rather be dead?
6. Do you enjoy things as much as you used to—say like you did a year ago?
If question 6 rated 0‚ then rate 0 for question 7 and skip to question 8. If question 6 rated 1‚ ask question 7.
7. Is it because you are depressed or nervous that you don’t enjoy things as much?
8. In general how happy are you?
(Read out)
Are you—very happy—fairly happy—not very happy—or—not happy at all?
Garland’s Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Evaluation (CARE (

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