Blushing Propensity Scale (BPS)

Leary & Meadows‚ 1991 & Bögels et al‚ 1996
1.    When a teacher calls on me in class
2.    When talking to someone about a personal topic
3.    When I’m embarrassed
4.    When I’m introduced to someone I don’t know
5.    When I’ve been caught doing something improper or shameful
6.    When I’m the center of attention
7.    When a group of people sings “Happy Birthday” to me
8.    When I’m around someone I want to impress
9.    When talking to a teacher or boss
10.When speaking in front of a group of people
11.When someone looks me right in the eye
12.When someone pays me a compliment
13.When I’ve looked stupid or incompetent in front of others
14.When I’m talking to a member of the other sex
Additional items In the Dutch version are:
15.When I’m being accused of blushing
16.When I think I may start blushing
17.When the subject of conversation is sex
18.When I’m interacting with someone who I find attractive
19.When I’m criticized
Centre of attention‚ Intimate social interaction‚ Self-fulfilling prophecy 
1 = I NEVER feel myself blush in this situation.
2 = I RARELY feel myself blush in this situation.
3 = I OCCASIONALLY feel myself blush in this situation.
4 = I OFTEN feel myself blush in this situation.
5 = I ALWAYS feel myself blush in this situation.
Centre of attention (items 1‚ 3‚ 5‚ 6‚ 7‚ 10‚ 12‚ 13‚ and 19)‚ Intimate social interaction (items 2‚ 4‚ 8‚ 9‚ 14‚ 17‚ and 18)‚ Self-fulfilling prophecy (items 15 and 16)

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