Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11)

Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11)
Patton et al.‚ 1995
1. I plan tasks carefully.
2. I do things without thinking
3. I make up my mind quickly
4. I am happy-go-lucky
5. I don't pay attention
6. I have racing thoughts
7. I plan trips well ahead of time
8. I am self-controlled
9. I concentrate easily
10. I save regularly
11. I squirm at plays or lectures
12. I am a careful thinker
13. I plan for job security
14. I say things without thinking
15. I like to think about complex problems
16. I change jobs
17. I act on impulse
18. I get easily bored when solving thought problems
19. I act on the spur of the moment
20. I am a steady thinker
21. I change where I live [I change residences].
22. I buy things on impulse
23. I can only think about one problem at a time
24. I change hobbies
25. I spend more than I earn [I spend or ch‎arge more than I earn].
26. I have outside thoughts when thinking [I often have extraneous thoughts when thinking].
27. I am more interested in the present than the future
28. I am restless at lectures or talks
29. I like puzzles
30. I plan for the future [I am future oriented].
Motor Impulsiveness (0.70)‚ Non-planning Impulsiveness (0.72)‚ Cognitive Impulsiveness [Attentional ] (0.61) by “Miller”.
Rarely/Never‚ Occasionally‚ Often‚ Almost Always
Attentional: (Attention items; 5‚ 9*‚ 11‚ 20*‚ 28) and (Cognitive Instability items; 6‚ 24‚ 26).
Motor: (Motor items; 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 17‚ 19‚ 22‚ 25) and (Perseverance items; 16‚ 21‚ 23‚ 30*).
Non-planning: (Self-Control items; 1*‚ 7*‚ 8*‚ 12*‚ 13*‚ 14) and (Cognitive Complexity items; 10*‚ 15*‚ 18‚ 27‚ 29*).

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