Adult Impulsiveness Scale I7

Adult Impulsiveness Scale I7
Eysenck‚ Easting‚ Pearson & Alisop‚ 1984
1. Would you enjoy water skiing?
2. Usually do you prefer to stick to brands you know are reliable‚ to trying new ones on the chance of finding something better?
3. Would you feel sorry for a lonely stranger?
4. Do you quite enjoy taking risks?
5. Do you often get emotionally involved with your friends' problems?
6. Would you enjoy parachute jumping?
7. Do you often buy things on impulse?
8. Do unhappy people who are sorry for themselves irritate you?
9. Do you generally do and say things without stopping to think?
10. Are you inclined to get nervous when others around you seem to be nervous?
11. Do you often get into a jam because you do things without thinking?
12. Do you think hitchhiking is too dangerous a way to travel?
13. Do you find it silly for people to c out of happiness?
14. Do you like diving off the high board?
15. Do people you are with have a strong influence on your moods?
16. Are you an impulsive person?
17. Do you welcome new and exciting experiences and sensations‚ even if they are a little frightening and unconventional?
18. Does it affect you very much when one of your friends seems upset?
19. Do you usually think carefully before doing anything?
20. Would you like to learn to fly an aeroplane?
21. Do you ever get deeply involved with the feelings of a ch‎aracter in a film‚ la or novel?
22. Do you often do things on the spur of the moment?
23. Do you get very upset when you see someone cry?
24. Do you sometimes find else's laughter catching?
25. Do you mostly speak without thinking things out?
26. Do you often get involved in things you later wish you could get out of?
27. Do you get so carried away by new and exciting ideas‚ that you never think of possible snags?
28. Do you find it hard to understand people who risk their necks climbing mountains?
29. Can you make decisions without worrying about other peoples' feelings?
30. Do you sometimes like doing things that are a bit frightening?
31. Do you need to use a lot of self-control to keep out of trouble?
32. Do you become more irritated than sympathetic when you see someone cry?
33. Would you agree that almost everything enjoyable is illegal or immoral?
34. Generally do you prefer to enter cold sea water gradually‚ to diving or jumping straight in?
35. Are you often surprised at people's reactions to what you say or do?
36. Would you enjoy the sensation of skiing very fast down a high mountain slope?
37. Do you like watching people open presents?
38. Do you think an evening out is more successful if it is unplanned or arranged at the last moment?
39. Would you like to go scuba diving?
40. Would you find it hard to break bad news to someone?
41. Would you enjoy fast driving?
42. Do you usually work quickly‚ without bothering to check?
43. Do you often change your interests?
44. Before making up your mind‚ do you consider all the advantages and disadvantages?
45. Can you get very interested in your friends' problems?
46. Would you like to go pot-holing?
47. Would you be put off a job involving quite a bit of danger?
48. Do you prefer to sleep on it before making decisions?
49. When people shout at you‚ do you shout back?
50. Do you feel sorry for very shy people?
51. Are you happy when you are with a cheerful group and sad when the others are glum?
52. Do you usually make up your mind quickly?
53. Can you imagine what it must be like to be lonely?
54. Does it worry you when others are worrying and panicky?   
Venturesomeness‚ Impulsiveness‚ Empathy
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