Ascription of Responsibility Questionnaire (ARQ)

1.    I have always respected my parents highly.
2.    Fate plays an important role in our lives.

3.    I have a lot of responsibility in my present job and extracurricular activities.

4.    Most people on welfare are lazy.
5.    I attended church often as a child.
6.    All old people should get a pension.
7.    Ability should be rewarded.

8.    The state is responsible for the well-being of its citizens.

9.    I enjoy taking ch‎arge of things.

10.Good behavior should be rewarded‚ bad behavior punished.

11.As a student‚ I would feel students should have a say in which professors receive tenure.

12.I prefer following rather than leading.

13.Every sane individual is responsible for his every action.

14.My family and I are very close.

15.Our country should take the first step toward world disarmament.

16.I often make suggestions.
17.Robbery with violence should be severely punished.

18.My parents were always willing to give me advice on things that were important to me.

19.Students should decide how they want their teachers to evaluate their knowledge of the course.

20.I was given a lot of responsibility as a child.
21.Your personality is what you make it.

22.Pornography should be censored to protect the innocent.

23.As a student‚ I would feel that what I study should be left completely up to me.

24.I have often been a group leader.
25.Society should reward only merit.
26.Human destiny is ordained by a Supreme Being.

27.When a country has done its utmost‚ but does not have the resources to maintain itself‚ it is the responsibility of other countries to come to its aid.

28.Justice is better than mercy.
29.People can be controlled by supernatural forces.

30.As a teacher I would feel it is my job to make sure none of my students fails my course.

31.I enjoyed going to church.

32.If a child insists on ha‎ving a pet‚ he should be responsible for its care.

33.Heaven is the reward for those who have followed the precepts of their belief.

34.All decisions should be made by groups.

35.Parents should not financially support offspring who could make a living for themselves.

36.Students should have equal representation at all levels of school administration concerning any policy.

37.Society does not owe you a living.

38.Students should be responsible for the evaluation and firing of teachers.

39.My parents attended church often when I was a child.

40.I have held many positions of responsibility in the past in my job(s) and extracurricular activities.


Traditional Focused‚ Diffuse Responsibility‚ Exercised Responsibility‚ Individual Focused Responsibility


1 = Disagree strongly‚ 2 = Disagree somewhat‚ 3 = Disagree slightly‚ 4 = Neither agree nor disagree‚ 5 = Agree slightly‚ 6 = Agree somewhat‚ 7 = Agree strongly

This instrument can be found at: The Body Appreciation Scale: Development and psychometric evaluation 


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