Argentine Loneliness Scale for Adolescents

Argentine Loneliness Scale for Adolescents
Richaud de Minzi‚ M. C.‚ & Sacchi‚ C. (2004)
1 I am afraid to be rejected when I get close to someone.
2 I feel intimidated by persons of the opposite sex.
3 When moving or changing schools‚ I experienced difficulties making new friends.
4 I feel sad because I do not have friends.
5 I blame myself when things go wrong.
6 I am not considered a special person by my partner.
7 I believe that I will not be able to achieve my goals.
8 When we moved‚ it was hard to adapt to new places.
9 I cannot share the most intimate thoughts with my partner.
10 I do not know how to behave in a social setting.
11 My parents are emotionally distant.
12 When we moved‚ I was separated from my friends for a long period of time.
13 I feel my friends do not love me.
14 I feel my parents were not emotionally supportive of me.
15 I am not able to express my feelings.
16 When moving‚ I felt homesick for my previous place or school.
17 When I suggest doing something (a game‚ a sport activity)‚ nobody likes to join in.
18 I feel excluded by my classmates.
19 I feel there is a lack of trust between the members of my family.
20 My parents never had any spare time for me.
21 I feel that the relationship with my parents has been interrupted.
22 I feel rejected by my family.
23 Feelings are not openly shared in my family.
24 My parents do not listen to me when I say something.
25 Other children mock me.
26 I think my classmates criticize me and leave me out.
27 Others pretend not to see me.
28 I do not have a close friend to whom I can tell everything.
29 I doubt anybody loves me.
30 There is nobody I can have a good chat with.
31 I wish I had more friends.
32 I have no friends to have fun with..
• Family
• Personal Inadequacy
• Social inability

This instrument can be found on pages 106-108 of Latino Families and Youth: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
Point values are assigned as follows:
1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Often
5 = Very often

Richaud de Minzi‚ M. C.‚ & Sacchi‚ C. (2004). Adolescent loneliness assessment. Adolescence‚ 39(156)‚ 701-709.