Antisocial Behaviors scale


This measure (Antisocial Behaviors) was developed by Robinson and O’Leary-Kelly (1998). It describes negative behaviors by employees that have the potential to harm individuals and/or the organization. Antisocial behaviors include breaking rules, damaging company property, hurting other workers, starting argu­ments with co-workers, and saying rude things about a supervisor or the organization.


Coefficient alpha values ranged from .68 to .81 (Robinson & O’Leary-Kelly, 1998).


Employee antisocial behaviors correlated positively with group antisocial behavior and correlated negatively with general satisfaction. Group anti-­ social behaviors correlated positively with an individual’s tenure in the group and correlated negatively with gender, age, job tenure, and the intention to leave. Antisocial behaviors correlated positively with similar measures such as antagonistic behaviors. Antisocial behaviors correlated negatively with organizational citizenship behaviors (Robinson & O’Leary­ Kelly, 1998).


Robinson, S. L., & O’Leary-Kelly, A. M. (1998). Monkey see, monkey do: The influence of work groups on the antisocial behavior of employees. Academy of Management Journal, 41, 658-672. © 1998 by Academy of Management. Items were taken from text, p. 663. Reproduced with permis­sion of Academy of Management in the format textbook via Copyright Clearance Center.


Responses are obtained using a 5-point Likert-type scale where 1 = very infrequently and 5 = very frequently. Respondents are instructed to report how frequently a focal person had engaged in each behavior within the year prior.

  1. Damaged property belonging to my employer.
  2. Said or did something to purposely hurt someone at work.
  3. Did work badly, incorrectly, or slowly on purpose.
  4. Griped with co-workers.
  5. Deliberately bent or broke a rule(s)
  6. Criticized people at work.
  7. Did something that harmed my employer or boss?
  8. Started an argument with someone at work.
  9. Said rude things about my supervisor or organization.