Urban Hassles Scale (UHS)

Urban Hassles Scale (UHS)
Miller‚ 2005
1.    Asked for money by drug addicts
2.    Taken a longer way to school or work to avoid trouble.
3.    Pressured to join a gang.
4.    Made fun of because of good grades.
5.    Worried that someone will try to take your clothes‚ shoes‚ or money.  
6.    Pressured for sex by boyfriend/girlfriend
7.    Working to help pay bills at home.
8.    Nervous about gunshots at night
9.    Nervous about sirens at night.
10.Worrying about safety of friends.
11.Worrying about safety of family members.
12.Worrying about your own safety.
13.Keeping secret from friends‚ your worries about safety.
14.Being stopped and questioned by police.
15.Asked to sell drugs.  
16.Asked to hide or carry drugs.
17.Being followed in department stores by salespeople.
18.Not being able to go into convenience stores (7-11‚ Dairy Mart) with friends because of rule against more than 2 students/teens at a time in the store.
19.Being unable to go to parties or games with friends because of transportation problems.
20.Teased about the clothes you wear.
21.Walking past abandoned buildings and lots.
22.Pressured by friends to fight
23.Made fun of because of bad grades
24.Pressured to carry a weapon for protection.
25.ha‎ving something stolen or ha‎ving your house or car broken into.       
26.Being concerned about living in an unsafe area.
27.Fear of confrontation with strangers
28.Loud‚ noisy cars and neighbors at night.
29.People hanging around on street corners‚ in front of stores.      
30.Waiting for bus near dirty‚ smelly bus stops
31.ha‎ving problems or conflicts with teachers
32.Parent(s) being “nosey” about what you do.
Environmental conditions‚ Interpersonal interactions/surveillance‚ Safety concerns‚ Anticipatory victimization
Environmental conditions (.77)‚ Interpersonal interactions/surveillance (.75)‚ Safety concerns (.75)‚ Anticipatory victimization (.69)
0 = Never‚ 1 = Sometimes‚ 2 = Often‚ 3 = Very Often

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