Thinness and Restricting Inventory (TREI)

1. I would feel like I could conquer things more easily if I were thin.
2. I would be more self-reliant and independent if I felt thin.
3. I fell great when I limit the amount I eat.
4. I would be more attractive if I were thin.
5. I would feel better about myself if I were thin.
6. My family would be more proud of me if I were thin.
7. When I limit what I eat‚ others respect me.
8. My problems would appear less troublesome if I were thin.
9. When I limit what I eat‚ others notice me more.
10. Restricting what I eat makes me feel good about myself.
11. I would be more attractive to the opposite sex if I were thin.
12. When I limit what I eat‚ I am more assertive.
13. I would feel stronger if I were thin.
14. If I were thin‚ I would gain more attention from friends.
15. I would feel less stressed‚ in general‚ if I were thin.
16. When I limit what I eat‚ I feel more capable and competent.
17. I would be happy if I were thin.
18. I would handle myself better in social situations if I were thin.
19. I feel more enthusiastic about doing other things after I’ve limited what I’ve eaten.
20. When I limit what I eat‚ I am more attractive.
21. I would feel more capable and competent if I were thin.
22. I would be more physically attractive to others if I were thin.
23. If I were thin‚ there would be one less thin to worry about.
24. When I stick to a strict diet‚ I feel more in control of my life.
25. My family would complement me more if I were thin.
26. If I were thin‚ I would feel like a disciplined person.
27. I would feel more like an adult if I were thin.
28. If I were thin‚ I’d do better in school or at my job.
29. If I were thin‚ I would feel more worthwhile.
30. It is emotionally uplifting to limit the amount of food I eat.
31. I feel less guilty when I limit what I eat.
32. Others would think more highly of me if I were thin.
33. I would feel like I could do whatever I wanted to if I were thin.
34. I would cope better with failures at work or school if I were thin.
35. My self-image would improve if I were thin.
36. Even though others may try to control my life‚ limiting what I eat gives me one area where I feel in control.
37. I would feel more attractive if I were thin.
38. It would show my parents that I am in control‚ if I were thin.
39. People think more highly of me when I restrict what I eat.
40. I would fit in more if I were thin.
41. It increases my self-esteem to limit what I eat.
42. If I were thin‚ it would improve my appearance.
43. Being thin would be a boost to my self-esteem.
44. Being thin would improve everything in my life.
1=Completely Disagree‚ 2=Mostly Disagree‚ 3=Slightly Disagree‚ 4=Neither Agree Nor Disagree‚ 5=Slightly Agree‚ 6=Mostly Agree‚ 7=Completely Agree

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