Teacher Apprehension Test

1.    I feel uncomfortable receiving communication from my teacher.
2.    I feel disturbed when my teacher communicates with me.
3.    I have no fear when my teacher communicates with me.
4.    I am comfortable when my teacher communicates with me.
5.    I feel uneasy when my teacher talks to me.
6.    I feel relaxed when listening to my teacher.
7.    I feel fearful when my teacher talks.
8.    I feel ruffled when my teacher talks to me.
9.    I am jumpy when my teacher talks.
10.I feel composed when listening to my teacher.
11.I am bothered when my teacher talks.
12.I feel satisfied when my teacher is talking and teaching.
13.I feel safe when my teacher communicates.
14.I feel nervous when listening to my teacher.
15.I am cheerful when my teacher is talking.
16.I feel happy when my teacher is communicating ideas to the class.
17.I feel dejected or hurt when my teacher is communicating.
18.I feel pleasure when my teacher talks to me.
19.I don’t feel good when my instructor is teaching a lesson to us.
20.I feel happy when he or she is talking to us.
Strongly Disagree =1; Disagree = 2; are Neutral = 3; Agree =4; Strongly Agree = 5
SCORING: To compute your scores‚ add your scores for each item as indicated below:
Step One: Add scores for items 1‚ 2‚ 5‚ 7‚ 8‚ 9‚ 11‚ 14‚ 17‚ & 20
Step Two: Add scores for items 3‚ 4‚ 6‚ 10‚ 12‚ 13‚ 15‚ 16‚ 18‚ & 19
Step Three: Add 60 points to Step.
Step Four: Subtract the score for Step two from the score for Step Three.
After you have recoded the previous questions‚ add all of the numbers together to get your
composite Teacher Apprehension score.
Score should be between 20 and 100. Scores of 80 and above indicate high teacher
apprehension; Scores of 25 and below indicate low teacher apprehension; Scores between
26 and 79 indicate moderate teacher apprehension.

Richmond‚ V. P.‚ Wrench‚ J. S.‚ & Gorham‚ J. (2001). Communication‚ affect‚ and learning in the classroom. Acton‚ MA: Tapestry Press.