Spirituality Index of Well-Being (SIWB)

Spirituality Index of Well-Being (SIWB)
Bruce B‚ Frey.‚ Timothy P‚ Daaleman.‚ & Vichki‚ Peyton. (2005)
1.    There is not much I can do to help myself.
2.    Often‚ there is no way I can complete what I have started.
3.    I can’t begin to understand my problems.
4.    I am overwhelmed when I have personal difficulties and problems.
5.    I don’t know how to begin to solve my problems.
6.    There is not much I can do to make a difference in my life.
7.    I haven’t found my life’s purpose yet.
8.    I don’t know who I am‚ where I came from‚ or where I am going.
9.    I have a lack of purpose in my life.
10.In this world‚ I don’t know where I fit in.
11.I am far from understanding the meaning of life.
12.There is a great void in my life at this time.
Self-efficacy (alpha 0.84‚ 0.86‚ 0.83)‚ life-scheme (alpha 0.86‚ 0.89‚ 0.80) and total (alpha 0.91‚ 0.91‚ 0.87)
Strongly Agree‚ Agree‚ neither Agreenor Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Strongly Disagree

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