Spence preschool Anxiety Scale (Teacher Version)

1.    Repeatedly asks about parent(s) during the day
2.    Has difficulty stopping him/herself from worrying
3.    Keeps checking that he/she has done things right (e.g.‚ that he/she closed a door‚ turned off a tap)
4.    Complains of headaches or stomachaches when it is time to be dr‎opped off at preschool/school
5.    Is tense‚ restless or irritable due to worrying.
6.    Is scared to ask an adult for help (e.g.‚ a preschool or school teacher).
7.    Is scared of heights (high places)
8.    Washes his/her hands over and over many times each day
9.    Is afraid of meeting or talking to unfamiliar people
10. Worries that something bad will happen to his/her parents
11. Spends a large part of each day worrying about various things
12. Is afraid of talking in front of the class (preschool group) e.g.‚ show and tell
13. Worries that something bad might happen to him/her (e.g.‚ getting lost or kidnapped)‚ so he/she won’t be able to see his/her parents again..
14. Has to have things in exactly the right order or position to stop bad things from happening
15. Worries that he/she will do something embarrassing in front of other people
16. Is afraid of insects and/or spiders
17. Has bad or silly thoughts or images that keep coming back over and over
18. Becomes distressed when he/she is dr‎opped off at preschool/school
19. Is afraid to go up to a group of children and join their activities..
20. Has to keep thinking special thoughts (e.g.‚ numbers or words) to stop bad things from happening.
21. Asks for reassurance when it doesn’t seem necessary
22. Cries for parent whilst at preschool/school..
Separation anxiety‚ Physical injury fears‚ Social Anxiety‚ obsessive compulsive disorder and Generalized anxiety disorder
This instrument can be found at: http://www.scaswebsite.com/1_1_.html
0= Not True at All‚ 1=Seldom True‚ 2= Sometimes True‚ 3= Quite Often True‚ 4=Very Often True

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