Specific Phobia of Vomiting Inventory

Please tick the box that best describes how your fear of vomiting has affected you OVER THE PAST WEEK‚ INCLUDING TODAY.
 Name________________________________ Date_______________
 0= Not at all‚ 1= A little‚ 2= Often ‚ 3= A lot‚4= All the time
1) I have been worrying about myself or others vomiting
2) I have been avoiding adults or children because of my fear of vomiting
3) I have been avoiding situations or activities because of my fear of vomiting
4) I have been trying to find reasons to explain why I feel nauseous
5) I have been avoiding objects that other people have touched because of my fear of vomiting
6) I have been focussed on whether I feel ill and could vomit rather than on my surroundings
7) I have been looking at others to see if they may be ill and vomiting
8) If I think I am going to vomit‚ I do something to try to stop myself from vomiting
9) I have been trying to avoid or control any thoughts or images about vomiting
10) I have been restricting the amount or type of food I eat or alcohol I drink because of my fear of vomiting
11) I have been feeling nauseous
12) I have been thinking about how to stop myself or others from vomiting
13) I have been seeking reassurance that I or others will not be ill and vomit
14) I have escaped from situations because I am afraid I or others may vomit
Avoidance subscale (0-28)
Threat monitoring subscale (0-28)
Total (0-56)
The Specific Phobia of Vomiting Inventory (SPOVI-14) (Veale et al‚ in press)
This is a 14-item self-report scale that focuses on the cognitive and behavioural processes that occur in a specific phobia of vomiting. The questions are answered in a Likert scale from 0 (not at all) to 4 (all the time). The scale has a two-factor structure‚ with one factor ch‎aracterised by avoidance symptoms (7 items which are shaded on the questionnaire) and a second factor comprised of threat monitoring. The SPOVI can be used as an outcome measure and for case tracking during treatment. The total range is from 0 to 56.
Download the Specific Phobia of Vomiting Inventory
Veale‚ D‚ Boschen‚ M‚ Ellison‚ N‚ Costa‚ A (in press). Development of an inventory to measure Specific Phobia of Vomiting (emetophobia). Cognitive Therapy and Research