Socially Desirable Response Set (SDRS-5)

Socially Desirable Response Set (SDRS-5)
Hays‚ Hayashi & Stewart‚ 1989
1.    I am always courteous even to people who are disagreeable.
2.    There have been occasions when I took advantage of someone.
3.    I sometimes try to get even rather than to forgive and forget.
4.    I sometimes feel resentful when I don’t get my way.
5.    No matter who I’m talking to‚ I’m always a good listener.
1 = Definitely True‚ 2 = Mostly True‚ 3 = Don’t Know‚ 4 = Mostly False‚ 5 = Definitely False
Items one and five are reverse scored
This instrument can be found at:

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