Sexuality Scale (SS)

NSTRUCTIONS: The statements listed below describe certain attitudes toward human sexuality which different people may have. As such‚ there are no right or wrong answers‚ only personal responses. For each item you will be asked to indicate how much you agree or disagree with the statement listed in that item. Use the following scale to provide your responses:
1. I am a good sexual partner.
2. I am depressed about the sexual aspects of my life.
3. I think about sex all the time.
4. I would rate my sexual skill quite highly.
5. I feel good about my sexuality.
6. I think about sex more than anything else.
7. I am better at sex than most other people.
8. I am disappointed about the quality of my sex life.
9. I don’t daydream about sexual situations.
10. I sometimes have doubts about my sexual competence.
11. Thinking about sex makes me happy.
12. I tend to be preoccupied with sex.
13. I am not very confident in sexual encounters.
14. I derive pleasure and enjoyment from sex.
15. I’m constantly thinking about ha‎ving sex.
16. I think of myself as a very good sexual partner.
17. I feel down about my sex life.
18. I think about sex a great deal of the time.
19. I would rate myself low as a sexual partner.
20. I feel unhappy about my sexual relationships.
21. I seldom think about sex.
22. I am confident about myself as a sexual partner.
23. I feel pleased with my sex life.
24. I hardly ever fantasize about ha‎ving sex.
25. I am not very confident about my sexual skill.
26. I feel sad when I think about my sexual experiences.
27. I probably think about sex less often than most people.
28. I sometimes doubt my sexual competence.
29. I am not discouraged about sex.
30. I don’t think about sex very often.
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0 = Agree.
1 = Slightly agree.
2 = Neither.
3 = Slightly disagree.
4 = Disagree.

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