Sex Role Inventory (OSRI)

1.    I have studied how to win at gambling.                                           
2.    I have thought about dying my hair.                                              
3.    I have thrown knives‚ axes or other sharp things.                                      
4.    I give people handmade gifts.                                             
5.    I have day dreamed about saving someone from a burning building.
6.    I get embarrassed when people read things I have written.                                             
7.    I have been very interested in historical wars.                                            
8.    I know the birthdays of my friends.                                      
9.    I like guns.                                          
10.I am happiest when I am in my bed.                                             
11.I did not work very hard in school.                                       
12.I use lotion on my hands.                                         
13.I would prefer a class in mathematics to a class in pottery.                                             
14.I dance when I am alone.                                         
15.I have thought it would be exciting to be an outlaw.      
16.When I was a child‚ I put on fake concerts and plays with my friends.
17.I have considered joining the military.                                             
18.I get dizzy when I stand up sharply.                                               
19.I do not think it is normal to get emotionally upset upon hearing about the deaths of people you did not know.                                           
20.I sometimes feel like crying when I get angry.                                           
21.I do not remember birthdays.                                             
22.I save the letters I get.                                             
23.I playfully insult my friends.                                       
24.I oppose medical experimentation with animals.                                        
25.I could do an impressive amount of push ups.                                          
26.I jump up and down in excitement sometimes.                                          
27.I think a natural disaster would be kind of exciting.                                               
28.I wear a blanket around the house.                                      
29.I have burned things up with a magnifying glass.                                        
30.I think horoscopes are fun.                  
31.I don't pack much luggage when I travel.
32.I have thought about becoming a vegetarian.                                            
33.I hate shopping.                                            
34.I have kept a personal journal.                                            
35.I have taken apart machines just to see how they work.                                       
36.I take lots of pictures of my activities.                                            
37.I have played a lot of video games.                                               
38.I leave nice notes for people now and then.                                              
39.I have set fuels‚ aerosols or other chemicals on fire‚ just for fun.
40.I really like dancing.
41.I take stairs two at a time.                                        
42.I bake sweets just for myself sometimes.                                       
43.I think a natural disaster would be kind of exciting.                                               
44.I decorate my things (e.g. stickers on laptop).                                          
1-Disagree‚ 3- Neutral‚ 5- Agree
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Malloy‚ T. E. (2010). Bem’s Sex Role Inventory. In Corsini’s Encyclopedia of Psychology‚ I. B. Weiner & W. E. Craighead (Eds). Vol 1.‚ p 229.