Self-Reported Use of Sick Days

1.    Approximately how many sick days did you use during the previous school year? _______
2.    How many sick days and personal days combined are you allotted per year by your school district?
Less than 10‚ 10.  More than 10
3.    Are you able to accrue unused sick days? Yes/ No
4.    If so‚ how many sick days do you have in your bank? ______
5.    Do you have the option to be reimbursed for unused sick days? Yes/No
6.    Have you used a significant portion of accrued sick days for maternity leave or due to a prolonged medical leave because of an illness? Yes/ No
7.    Have you had medical leave due to a stress related illness? Yes/ No
8.    Have you ever felt so stressed that you wanted to take a day off work? Yes/ No
9.    Have you ever used a sick day because you felt stressed? Yes/ No
10.If so‚ approximately how many times in the last year have you used a sick day due to feeling stressed? 1-2‚ 2-3‚ 3-4‚ 4-5‚ 5-6‚ 6-7‚ 7-8‚ 8-9‚ 9-10‚ more than 10 days

Green‚ Georgina Ruth‚ “Study To Investigate Self-Reported Teacher Absenteeism And Desire To Leave Teaching As They Relate To Teacher-Reported Teaching Satisfaction‚ Job-Related Stress‚ Symptoms Of Depression‚ Irrational Beliefs‚ And Self- Efficacy” (2014). Dissertations and Theses‚ 2014-Present. Paper 319.