Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS)

1. I have trouble making up my mind.
2. I get nervous when things do not go the right way for me.
3. Others seem to do things easier than I can.
4. I like everyone I know.
5. Often I have trouble getting my breath.
6. I worry a lot of the time.
7. I am afraid of a lot of things.
8. I am always kind.
9. I get mad easily.
10. I worry about what my parents will say to me.
11. I feel others do not like the way I do things.
12. I always have good manners.
13. It is hard for me to get to sleep at night.
14. I worry about what other people will think of me.
15. I feel alone even when there are people with me.
16. I am always good.
17. Often I feel sick in my stomach.
18. My feelings get hurt easily.
19. My hands feel sweaty.
20. I am always nice to everyone.
21. I am tired a lot.
22. I worry about what is going to happen.
23. Other children are happier than I.
24. I tell the truth every single time.
25. I have bad dreams.
26. My feelings get hurt easily when I am fussed at.
27. I feel someone will tell me I do things the wrong way.
28. I never get angry.
29. I wake up scared some of the time.
30. I worry when I go to bed at night.
31. It is hard for me to keep my mind on my school work.
32. I never say things I shouldn’t.
33. I wiggle in my seat a lot.
34. I am nervous.
35. A lot of people are against me.
36. I never lie.
37. I often worry about something bad happening to me.
Worry/ oversensitivity‚ Concentration anxiety and physiological anxiety
This instrument can be found on page 8 of “Factor Structure and Construct Validity of "What I Think and Feel": The Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale.”‚ available online at:
Physiological contains 9 items (1‚ 5‚ 9‚ 13‚ 17‚ 21‚ 25‚ 29‚ and 33)
Oversensitivity contains 10 items (2‚ 6‚ 10‚ 14‚ 18‚ 22‚ 26‚ 30‚ 34‚ and 37)
Difficulty concentrating contains 9 its (3‚ 7‚ 11‚ 15‚ 19‚ 23‚ 27‚ 31‚ and 35)

Reynolds‚ C. R.‚ & Richmond‚ B. O. (1978). What I Think and Feel: A Revised measure ofChildren’s Manifest Anxiety. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology‚ 6‚ 271–280.

Reynolds‚ C. R.‚ & Richmond‚ B. O. (1994). Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS)Manual. Western Psychological Services‚ Los Angeles.