Racial-Socioeconomic Situation

Racial-Socioeconomic Situation
Thomas Howell Hpwkcs and Norma Fields Furst (1970)
2. I get nervous when someone watches me work.
4. When you are in bed at night trying to go to sleep do you often find that you are worrying about something?
5. Are you sometimes frighten when looking down from a high place?
6. Do some of the stories on radio or television scare you?
7. Do you think you worry more than other-boys and girls.
8. Do you worry that you might get hurt in some accident?
10. Do you get scared when you have to go into a dark room?
11. It is hard for me to keep my mind on anything.
11. Do you sometimes get the feeling that something bad is going to happen to you?
12. At times I feel like shouting.
13. I wish I could be very far from here.
14. Others seem to do things easier than. I can.
15. I am secretly afraid of a lot of things.
16. I feet-that others do not like the way I do things.
17. I feel alone when there are people around me.
18. I have trouble making up my mind.
19. I get nervous when things do not go the right way for me.
20. I worry most of the time
21. I worry about what my parents will say to me.
22. I get angry easily.
23. Other children are happier than I am.
24. I worry about what other people think of me.
25. I have worried about things that did not really make any difference latter.
26. My feelings get hurt easily.
27. I worry about doing the right things.
28. I worry about what is going to happen.
29. I worry about how well I am doing in school.
30. My feelings get hurt easily when I am scolded.
31. I feel someone will tell me I do things the wrong way.
32. I am afraid of the dark.
33. It is hard for me to keep my mind on school work.
34. I worry when I go to bed at night.
35. I often do things I wish I had never done.
36. I often worry about what could happen to my parents.
37. I get tired easily.
38. I have bad dreams.
39. Without knowing why do you sometimes get a funny feeling in your stomach.
39. I often worry about-something bad happening to me.
53. I feel I have to be best in everything.
58. Do you ever worry about what other people think of you?
59. Do you ever worry about knowing your lessons?
61. Do you every worry that you won’t be able to do something you want to do?
65. Have you ever had a scary dream?
66. When you were younger were you afraid of getting hurt?
72. Have you ever been afraid of getting hurt?
77. Has anyone been able to scare you?
82. Do you ever worry about something bad happening to someone you now?
87. Are you ever unhappy?
92. Do you ever worry about what :c going to happen?
96. Do you ever worry?
This instrument can be found at: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED040254.pdf

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