Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised Short Version (PPI-SV)

Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised Short Version (PPI-SV)
Forshee‚ 2006
1. If I’m at a dull party‚ I like to stir things up.
2. I have always seen myself as something of a rebel.
3. I might like to travel around the country with some motorcyclists and cause trouble.
4. I would find the job of a movie stunt person exciting.
5. When I am faced with a moral decision‚ I ask myself‚ “Am I doing the right thing?”
6. When people mistreat me‚ I’d rather forgive them than try to get even.
7. It would bother me to cheat on a test even if no one was hurt by it.
8. Parachute jumping would really scare me.
9. I could be a good “con artist.”
10. I like to stand out in a crowd.
11. It would be fun to fly a small airplane by myself.
12. When someone is hurt by something I say or do‚ that’s their problem.
13. I like to act first and think later.
14. When I’m in a frightening situation‚ I can “turn off” my fear almost at will.
15. To be honest‚ I believe that I am more important than most people.
16. If I do something that gets me in trouble‚ I don’t do it again.
17. If I really want to‚ I can persuade most people of almost anything.
18. I get restless when my life gets too predictable.
19. I can’t imagine being sexually involved with more than one person at a time.
20. I don’t care about following the “rules”; I make my own rules as I go along.
21. I feel bad about myself after I tell a lie.
22. I like to watch violent movies.
23. I’m hardly ever the “life of the party.”
24. I agree with the motto‚ “If you are bored with life‚ risk it.”
25. I like (or would like) to play sports with a lot of physical contact.
26. I do not like loud‚ wild parties.
27. In school or at work‚ I try to “stretch” the rules just to see what I can get away with.
28. I’m good at flattering people who can help me.
29. When I’m told what to do‚ I often feel like just doing the opposite.
30. People I thought were my “friends” have gotten me into trouble.
31. I don’t take advantage of people even when it would be good for me.
32. I like to poke fun at established traditions.
33. To be honest‚ I try not to help people unless there’s something in it for me.
34. I sometimes lie just to see if I can get someone to believe me.
35. It might be exciting to be on a plane that was about to crash but somehow landed safely.
36. It’s easy for me to talk about things I don’t know much about.
37. I’m sure people would be pleased to see me fail in life.
38. I get blamed for many things that aren’t my fault.
39. Some people have made up stories about me to get me in trouble.
40. Sometimes I do dangerous things on a dare.
41. If I can’t change the rules‚ I try to get others to bend them for me.
42. I like to do things on the spur of the moment.
43. I like my life to be unpredictable and surprising.
44. I would like to have a “wild” hairstyle.
45. I would like to hitchhike across the country with no plans.
46. I think long and hard before I make big decisions.
47. When life gets boring‚ I like to take chances.
1= False‚ 2= Mostly False‚ 3= Mostly True‚ 4=True

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