Problem checklist

1.    Not knowing the way to spend your money wisely.
2.    Not getting pocket money regularly & sufficiently.
3.    ha‎ving difficulty in maintaining conversation continuously.
4.    Not ha‎ving faith over own good social behavior.
5.    Hurting the feelings of persons.
6.    Becoming a topic of discussion to the other persons.
7.    Being ridiculed by other persons.
8.    Not keeping to code & conduct/moral standards.
9.    Choosing wrong study subjects.
10.Liking those subjects which are not taught in school.
11.Study subjects not being related with daily life.
12.Not being hungry at the time of meals generally.
13.Not getting appropriate food.
14.ha‎ving few good clothes in possession.
15.Giving all attention towards spending money which is to be spent.
16.Studies to be discontinued to take up a job.
17.Not enjoying those many things which others enjoy.
18.Being persuaded by others very easily.
19.Being sent to the temple by parents.
20.Not liking the prayers offered in the temple.
21.ha‎ving doubt on the values of worship & prayer.
22.Not being able to live with parents due to my education.
23.Mother-Father living separately or divorced.
24.Mother or Father not alive.
25.Not ha‎ving any recreation or fun with Mother or Father.
26.My family not owning a house.
27.Anxiety about occupations.
28.Eager to take up a job after school.
29.Not experiencing any good of own by school works.
30.Not ha‎ving real interest in books/studies.
31.Unable to express answers with language.
32.Feeling difficulty in explaining verbally.
33.To fear in expressing to the classmates due to controversies.
34.Difficult to understand teaching of teachers.
35.To experience inconveniencies in classes.
36.ha‎ving very less freedom in classes.
37.Existence of more controversies in classes.
38.Not getting sufficient outside air & sunlight in the bedroom/study room.
39.Not getting sufficient outside air & sunlight in the classroom.
40.Necessity to secure part time job.
41.ha‎ving very few chances for going to cinema.
42.Slow in making friends.
43.Feeling inferior.
44.Existence of the condition of great depression.
45.To feel difficulty in deciding things.
46.To be illusioned on moral questions.
47.Parents being of old ideology.
48.Being criticized by parents.
49.Parents being in favour of brother or sister.
50.Problem with mother.
51.Death of somebody in the family.
52.Choosing the best subject for college.
53.Choosing the best subject for preparation of job & occupation.
54.Getting necessary training for any occupation.
55.Not liking the school.
56.Not being interested in studies.
57.A necessity of working too much in few subjects.
58.Being unable to move freely with some teacher.
59.Finding school/college education difficult.
60.Not ha‎ving good complexion & beauty.
61.Being weak & delicate.
62.Being very short in height.
63.Being very tall.
64.Living with relatives.
65.Not ha‎ving any personal room.
66.Not ha‎ving any place for welcoming friends.
67.Family does not have a cycle or any other vehicle.
68.Not being permitted to use the cycle of the house.
69.To be criticized by others.
70.Own self being separated in academic works.
71.Feeling oneself very lonely.
72.Being unable to understand the actions by own self.
73.To remain unhappy for most of the time.
74.Being greedy.
75.Deceiving classmates.
76.Not ha‎ving rapport with any brother or sister.
77.Necessity of knowing more regarding education in colleges.
78.Feeling difficulty in the writing answers or notes.
79.Lack of impressive personality in teacher.
80.Lack of interest of teachers in students.
81.Teachers not ha‎ving cordial relations with students.
82.Not getting personal help from teachers.
83.Feeling difficulty in hearing.
84.Stammering & stuttering in speaking.
85.ha‎ving specific diseases of Asthma (respiratory disease).
86.ha‎ving physical diseases related to hormonal imbalance.
87.ha‎ving disease relating to sex organs.
88.Mother & Father working very hard.
89.Shortage of certain facilities at home.
90.Do not like my neighbour.
91.Like to live in a separate neighbourhood.
92.To feel ashamed for the house in which we live.
93.Being very careless regarding possession & clothes.
94.Desire of becoming more popular.
95.Do not like anyone.
96.Not being loved by anyone.
97.To live away from a person you like.
98.Way of exaggerating experiences & situation.
99.Not ha‎ving any merry time or comfort.
100.Lack of self-confidence.
101.Telling lie at times without any sense.
102.Unable to give up any bad habit.
103.Lack of self-control.
104.ha‎ving struggle as my ideas are different from my parents.
105.To have a desire of being in a nuclear family.
106.Lack of training for any work.
107.Lack of experience in doing work.
108.To be doubtful of ha‎ving ability to do any good job.
109.Not being interested in studying.
110.ha‎ving poor memory.
111.Retarded or behind in studies.
112.Worrying for class/grades/distinction in the examination
113.Teachers not paying attention towards the difficulty of students.
114.Lack of good teachers.
115.Judging the ability by academic achievement/distinction/grades which is faulty system.
116.Improper (defective) academic assessment.
117.Weak or bad teeth.
118.Trouble of nose.
119.Trouble of ulcer.
120.Addiction to smoking (cigarette‚ bedi‚ etc.‚).
121.ha‎ving pain in leg.
122.ha‎ving trouble due to physical handicap.
123.Borrowing money.
124.To work for own personal expenses.
125.Getting low wages for my work.
126.I don’t like the present job that I am working.
127.Getting fewer occasions for doing own desired work.
128.Lack of skills in athletics & sports.
129.Not utilizing properly the leisure time.
130.Being too much jealous or envious.
131.To speak or do any work without thinking.
132.To experience that nobody understands me.
133.To feel difficulty in taking regarding own problems.
134.No one to hear my difficulties.
135.Facing too many problems.
136.Recollecting the sad childhood.
137.To be troubled with dreadful dreams.
138.Idea of suicide.
139.Not being so honest as one should be.
140.To be engaged in disputes.
141.To be inclined against attractions or greed.
142.Feeling depression or trouble in mind.
143.Friends not being greeted at home.
144.To talk regarding some problems at home.
145.Desire to leave home.
146.Not knowing what I really want.
147.Opposition by family in my decision of job.
148.Fear of doubt regarding future.
149.To be doubtful regarding military services.
150.Students not being given sufficient responsibility.
151.Not ha‎ving sufficient sincerity towards school.
152.Lack of attendance in school meetings.
153.Being not attractive to opposite sex.
154.Fear of ha‎ving very close relation with other group (girl/boy) friend.
Health and physical development (HPD)‚ finance‚ living conditions and employment (FLE)‚ social and recreational activities (SRA)‚ courtship – sex and marriage (CSM)‚ social –psychological relations (SPR)‚ personal – psychological relations (PPR)‚ moral and religion(MR)‚ home and family (HF)‚ the future: vocational and educational (FVE)‚ adjustment toschool work (ASW)‚ curriculum and teaching procedures (CTP).

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