Proactive Attitude Inventory

1.    I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself.
2.    I feel in ch‎arge of making things happen.
3.    I feel responsible for my own life.
4.    I feel driven by my personal values.
5.    I am driven by a sense of purpose.
6.    I am able to choose my own actions.
7.    I focus my efforts on things that I can control.
8.    There are abundant opportunities that await me.
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(1) Not at all true‚ (2) barely true‚ (3) moderately true‚ (4) exactly true

Schmitz‚ G. S. & Schwarzer‚ R. (1999). Proaktive Einstellung von Lehrern: Konstruktbeschreibung und psychometrische Analysen [Teachers’ Proactive Attitude: Construct description and psychometric analyses]. Zeitschrift für Empirische Pädagogik‚ 13 (1)‚ 3-27.