Perceived Wellness Survey (PWS)

1.    I am always optimistic about my future
2.    There have been times when I felt inferior to most of the people I knew*
3.    Members of my family come to me for support
4.    My physical health has restricted me in the past*
5.    I believe there is a real purpose for my life
6.    I will always seek out activities that challenge me to think and reason
7.    I rarely count on good things happening to me*
8.    In general‚ I feel confident about my abilities
9.    Sometimes I wonder if my family will really be there for me when I am in need*
10.My body seems to resist physical illness very well
11.Life does not hold much future promise for me*
12.I avoid activities that require me to concentrate*
13.I always look on the bright side of things
14.I sometimes think I am a worthless individual*
15.My friends know they can always confide in me and ask me for advice
16.My physical health is excellent
17.Sometimes I don’t understand what life is all about*
18.Generally‚ I feel pleased with the amount of intellectual stimulation I receive in my daily life
19.In the past‚ I have expected the best
20.I am uncertain about my ability to do things well in the future*
21.My family has been available to support me in the past
22.Compared to people I know‚ my past physical health has been excellent
23.I feel a sense of mission about my future
24.The amount of information that I process in a typical day is just about right for me (i.e.‚ not too much and not too little)
25.In the past‚ I hardly ever expected things to go my way*
26.I will always be secure with who I am
27.In the past‚ I have not always had friends with whom I could share my joys and sorrows*
28.I expect to always be physically healthy
29.I have felt in the past that my life was meaningless*
30.In the past‚ I have generally found intellectual challenges to be vital to my overall well-being
31.Things will not work out the way I want them to in the future*
32.In the past‚ I have felt sure of myself among strangers
33.My friends will be there for me when I need help
34.I expect my physical health to get worse*
35.It seems that my life has always had purpose
36.My life has often seemed void of positive mental stimulation*
* reverse coded
Physical‚ spiritual‚ psychological‚ social‚ emotional‚ and intellectual
(1) Very strongly Disagree to (6) Very strongly Agree
mental health (1‚ 7‚ 13‚ 19‚ 25‚ 31); emotional health (2‚ 8‚ 14‚ 20‚ 26‚ 32); social health (3‚ 9‚ 15‚ 21‚27‚ 33); physical health (4‚ 10‚ 16‚ 22‚ 28‚ 34); spiritual health (5‚ 11‚ 17‚ 23‚ 29‚ 35); and intellectual health (6‚ 12‚ 18‚ 24‚ 30‚ 36).
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