Monitoring the Future Survey/Education Expectations and Aspirations Scale

Monitoring the Future Survey/Education Expectations and Aspirations Scale
Johnston‚ L.D.‚ O’Malley‚ P.M.‚ & Bachman‚ J.G.2001
How likely is it that you will do each of the following things after high school?
1. Attend a technical or vocational school.
2. Serve in the armed forces.
3. Graduate from a two-year college program.
4. Graduate from a college (four-year program).
5. Attend graduate or professional school after college.
1= Definitely won’t/ 2= Probably won’t/3= Probably will/ 4= Definitely will
This instrument can be found on pages 120-121 of Core Measures Initiative Phase I Recommendations‚ Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Available online at:

Johnston‚ L.D.‚ O’Malley‚ P.M.‚ & Bachman‚ J.G. (2001). Monitoring the Future national survey results on drug use‚ 1975-2001: Volume 1‚ Secondary School Students 2000 (NIH Publication NO. 01-4924) Bethesda‚ MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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