Malaysian Elder Abuse Scale (MEAS)

1.    Have you ever been tied up or locked in a room?
2.    Have you ever been hit‚ kicked or slapped
3.    Have you ever been called with insulting names?
4.    Have you ever been threatened with a knife?
5.    Have you ever been yelled at?
6.    Have you ever been threatened with punishment?
7.    Have you ever been scolded?
8.    Have you ever felt that you are been stalked or followed around?
9.    Have your money‚ property‚ or other assets used‚ taken‚ sold or transferred without permission?
10.Have your signature been forged on cheques or other financial documents?
Physical abuse‚ Psychological abuse‚ Financial abuse
Yes‚ No
Physical abuse (1‚ 2‚ 3 and 4)‚ Psychological abuse (5‚ 6‚ 7 and 8)‚ Financial abuse (9 and 10)

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