Lum Emotional Availability of Parents (LEAP) measure

Please rate your MOTHER’S and FATHER’S behavior by circling your answer.
1.    Supports me
2.    Consoles me when I am upset (example: Makes me feel better when I amupset)
3.    Shows she/he cares about me
4.    Shows a genuine interest in me (example: pays attention and is curious about me)
5.    Remembers things that are important to me
6.    Is available to talk at any time
7.    Asks questions in a caring manner
8.    Spends extra time with me just because she/he wants to know about my interests
9.    Is willing to talk about my troubles
10.Pursues talking with me about my interests (example: tries to talk to me about what I like)
11.Values my input (example: cares about my ideas)
12.Is emotionally available to me
13.Makes me feel wanted
14.Praises me (example: tells me good things about myself)
1=Never‚ 2= Rarely‚ 3= Sometimes‚ 4= Often‚ 5= Very Often‚ 6= Always

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