Leddy Healthiness Scale (LHS)

1.    I think that I function pretty well
2.    I have goals that I look forward to accomplishing in the next year
3.    I am part of a close and supportive family
4.    I don’t feel there is much that is meaningful in my life *
5.    I have more than enough energy to do what I want to do
6.    I feel I can accomplish anything I set out to do
7.    There is very little that I value in my life right now *
8.    ha‎ving change(s) in my life makes me feel uncomfortable *
9.    I have rewarding relationships with people
10.I enjoy making plans for the future
11.I feel free to choose actions that are right for me
12.I feel like I have got little energy *
13.I am pleased to find that I am getting better with age
14.I don’t communicate much with family or friends *
15.I get excited thinking about new projects
16.I feel good about my ability to influence change
17.I ‘m not what you would call a goal-oriented person *
18.I feel energetic
19.I feel good about my freedom to make choices for my life
20.I have a goal that I am trying to achieve
21.I don’t expect the future to hold much meaning *
22.I like exploring new possibilities
23.I feel full of zest and vigor
24.I feel fine
25.I feel pretty sure of myself
26.I feel isolated from people *
* Reverse coded items
(6) Completely Agree‚ (5) Mostly Agree‚ (4) slightly Agree‚ (3) slightly Disagree‚ (2) Mostly Disagree‚ (1) Completely Disagree
This instrument can be found at: Simmons C. A.‚ Lehmann P. (eds). Google Scholar

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