Holland Code (RIASEC) Test


The Holland Code (RIASEC) Test is a self-report inventory that measures an individual’s interests in six different areas: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The test is based on the theory of personality developed by John L. Holland, which states that individuals are motivated to engage in activities that are consistent with their personality type. The RIASEC Test is widely used in career counseling and research, and it has been shown to be a reliable and valid measure of interests.


The Holland Code (RIASEC) Test is a self-report inventory that measures an individual’s interests in six different areas: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The test was developed by John L. Holland in the 1950s, and it is based on his theory of personality, which states that individuals are motivated to engage in activities that are consistent with their personality type. The RIASEC Test is widely used in career counseling and research, and it has been shown to be a reliable and valid measure of interests.

The RIASEC Model

The RIASEC model is a six-factor model of personality that was developed by John L. Holland. The six factors are:

  • Realistic (R): Individuals with this personality type are practical and like to work with their hands. They are good at solving problems and working with tools.
  • Investigative (I): Individuals with this personality type are curious and like to learn new things. They are good at solving problems and working with numbers.
  • Artistic (A): Individuals with this personality type are creative and like to express themselves through art, music, or writing. They are good at coming up with new ideas and solving problems in new ways.
  • Social (S): Individuals with this personality type are caring and like to help others. They are good at working with people and resolving conflicts.
  • Enterprising (E): Individuals with this personality type are outgoing and like to take risks. They are good at leading others and selling things.
  • Conventional (C): Individuals with this personality type are organized and like to follow rules. They are good at keeping track of details and working with numbers.


The RIASEC Test is a self-report inventory that measures an individual’s interests in the six areas of the RIASEC model. The test consists of 48 items, and each item asks the respondent to rate their interest in a particular activity. The test takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Interpreting the RIASEC Test

The RIASEC Test results are interpreted by assigning each respondent a code consisting of one letter from each of the six areas. For example, a person who scores high in Realistic and Investigative and low in the other areas might have a code of RII. The code can be used to help people identify careers that are a good fit for their personality type.

The RIASEC Test and Career Counseling

The RIASEC Test is a valuable tool for career counselors. The test can be used to help people identify their interests and find careers that are a good fit for their personality type. The test can also be used to help people develop their skills and knowledge in areas that are important for their chosen career.

The RIASEC Test and Research

The RIASEC Test has been used in a variety of research studies. The test has been used to study the relationship between personality and career choice, the relationship between personality and job satisfaction, and the relationship between personality and mental health.


The RIASEC Test is a reliable and valid measure of interests. The test is widely used in career counseling and research. The test can be used to help people identify their interests and find careers that are a good fit for their personality type.


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  1. Realistic (Doers)‚ 
  2. Investigative (Thinkers)‚
  3. Artistic (Creators)‚ 
  4. Social (Helpers)‚ 
  5. Enterprising (Persuaders)‚ 
  6. Conventional (Organizers)
  • 1-Dislike‚
  • 3-Neutral‚
  • 5- Enjoy
1.    Test the quality of parts before shipment
2.    Study the structure of the human body
3.    Conduct a musical choir
4.    Give career guidance to people
5.    Sell restaurant franchises to individuals
6.    Generate the monthly payroll checks for an office
7.    Lay brick or tile
8.    Study animal behavior
9.    Direct a play
10.Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization
11.Sell merchandise at a department store
12.Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer
13.Work on an offshore oil-drilling rig
14.Do research on plants or animals
15.Design artwork for magazines
16.Help people who have problems with drugs or alcohol
17.Manage the operations of a hotel
18.Use a computer program to generate customer bills
19.Assemble electronic parts
20.Develop a new medical treatment or procedure
21.Write a song
22.Teach an individual an exercise routine
23.Operate a beauty salon or barber shop
24.Maintain employee records
25.Operate a grinding machine in a factory
26.Conduct biological research
27.Write books or plays
28.Help people with family-related problems
29.Manage a department within a large company
30.Compute and record statistical and other numerical data
31.Fix a broken faucet
32.Study whales and other types of marine life
33.Play a musical instrument
34.Supervise the activities of children at a camp
35.Manage a clothing store
36.Operate a calculator
37.Assemble products in a factory
38.Work in a biology lab
39.Perform stunts for a movie or television show
40.Teach children how to read
41.Sell houses
42.Handle customers bank transactions
43.Install flooring in houses
44.Make a map of the bottom of an ocean                                         
45.Design sets for plays
46.Help elderly people with their daily activities        
47.Run a toy store
48.Keep shipping and receiving records

Liao‚ H-Y.‚ Armstrong‚ P. I.‚ & Rounds‚ J. (2008). “Development and initial validation of public domain basic interest markers”. Journal of Vocational Behavior‚ 73‚ 159-183.

Holland Code Career Test
1-Dislike‚ 3-Neutral‚ 5- Enjoy
·         Repair a dishwasher
·         Use precision machines to build custom metal parts
·         Analyze the structure of molecules
·         Do scientific experiments
·         Design a magazine cover
·         Paint a portrait
·         Teach social skills to disabled children
·         Teach adults to read
·         Network at a business conference
·         Plan a marketing strategy for a new company
·         Track monthly expenses for a company
·         Review financial records for accuracy
·         Install a hardwood floor
·         Repair an air conditioning system
·         Research the properties of nuclear energy
·         Research a new medicine
·         Design a greeting card
·         Illustrate a children’s book
·         Help a disabled person with their daily routine
·         Tutor a child with a learning disability
·         Negotiate business partnerships
·         Motivate employees to achieve success
·         Keep payroll records
·         Use spreadsheets to organize financial data
·         Install an alarm system in a building
·         Install kitchen cabinets
·         Look at cells through a microscope
·         Work in a chemistry lab
·         Design magazine ads
·         Write a script for a television show
·         Counsel a person recovering from drug addiction
·         Counsel a depressed patient
·         Hire and fire employees
·         Close an important business deal
·         Check tax returns for errors
·         Calculate the cost of an insurance claim
·         Build a stone wall
·         Operate a bulldozer
·         Analyze soil samples for pollution
·         Study a fault line to predict earthquakes
·         Design a billboard advertisement
·         Edit a movie
·         Plan educational games for preschool children
·         Plan activities for elderly people
·         Lead a team
·         Start a new business
·         Calculate the cost of a construction project
·         Help customers fill out loan applications
·         Take apart a car engine
·         Inspect a roof for leaks
·         Do laboratory tests to diagnose diseases
·         Research heat-resistant materials for airplane engines
·         Compose a song
·         Write a poem
·         Help diabetic patients plan a proper diet
·         Help a needy family find appropriate housing
·         Give a speech in front of many people
·         Persuade others to my point of view
·         Collect tax payments
·         Develop a budget for a city government
For each word below‚ rate how well it describes you. Answer based on how you actually are‚ not how you would like to be.
·         Hands-on
·         Artistic
·         Helpful
·         Physically active
·         Creative
·         Caring
·         Mechanical
·         Original
·         Supportive
·         Craftsperson
·         Aesthetic
·         Cooperative
·         Outdoorsy
·         Musical
·         Understanding
·         Athletic
·         Imaginative
·         Sympathetic
Do you like to …
·         … do puzzles?
·         … work on cars?
·         … attend concerts‚ theaters or art exhibits?
·         … work in teams?
·         … organize things like fi les‚ offices or activities?
·         … set goals for yourself?
·         … build things?
·         … read fiction‚ poetry or plays?
·         … have clear instructions to follow?
·         … influence or persuade people?
·         … do experiments?
·         … teach or train people?
·         … help people solve their problems?
·         … take care of animals?
·         … have your day structured?
·         … sell things?
·         … do creative writing?
·         … work on science projects?
·         … take on new responsibilities?
·         … heal people?
·         … figure out how things work?
·         … put things together or assemble models?
·         … be creative?
·         … pay attention to details?
·         … do fi ling or typing?
·         … learn about other cultures?
·         … analyze things like problems‚ situations or trends?
·         … play instruments or sing?
·         … dream about starting your own business?
·         … cook?
·         … act in plays?
·         … think things through before making decisions?
·         … work with numbers or ch‎arts?
·         … discuss issues like politics or current events?
·         … keep records of your work?
·         … be a leader?
·         … work outdoors?
·         … work in an office?
·         … work on math problems?
·         … help people?
·         … draw?
·         … give speeches?
Holland Code Quiz
Are you…
Free spirit or a rebel?
Scientific-use information to solve new problems?
Inventive‚ original?
Able to do your own thing?
Able to operate tools and machinery?
Analytical (like to figure things out)?
Mechanically inclined?
A nature lover?
Straight forward?
Well groomed?
Can you…
Teach/train others?
Keep accurate records?
Suggest a better way to accomplish a task?
Give talks or speeches?
Express yourself clearly?
Write useful business letters?
Operate mechanical equipment or power tools?
Work well within a system?
Sell things or promote ideas?
Cooperate well with others?
Pitch a tent?
Start projects?
Do a lot of paperwork in a short time?
Use a computer?
Tolerate weather conditions?
Solve math problems?
Design fashions‚ interiors or quilts
Use a microscope?
Plan and supervise an activity?
Sketch‚ draw‚ paint?
Lead a group discussion?
Use machines and power tools?
Play a musical instrument?
Do complex calculations?
Play a sport?
Sing‚ act or dance?
Mediate disputes?
Convince people to do things your way?
Solve mechanical problems?
Understand science-use information to figure things out?
Organize activities and events?
Make original crafts‚ dinners‚ school or work projects?
Lead a group?
Fix electrical things?
Think abstractly?
Write stories‚ poetry‚ music?
Do you like to…
Read fiction‚ plays‚ poetry?
Make sure things get done?
Be physically active?
Be outdoors?
Meet important people?
Use computers?
Make decisions affecting others?
Be elected to office or make your opinions heard?
Work in groups
Work with numbers?
Work on crafts‚ make gifts for friends and relatives?
Attend concerts‚ theaters‚ art exhibits?
Cook without a recipe to guide you?        
Be responsible for details?
Work outdoors?
Keep detailed records?
Explore ideas?
Express your own style?
Take photographs?  
Read scientific or technical magazines?
Follow clearly defined procedures?
Work on cars‚ lawnmowers or sewing machines; repair kids’ toys? 
Perform experiments?
Play team sports?
Push through to task completion?
Do volunteer service?         
Type‚ file‚ use a 10-key pad?
Work with young people?
Help people with problems?
Tinker or work with your hands?
Win a leadership or sales award?
Be in the center of activity?
Participate in meetings?
Start your own political campaign?
Work independently (by yourself with little direction)?
This instrument can be found at: http://ideagenerator.sheridancollege.ca/Quiz.aspx
se‎lect activities you might enjoy doing (not necessarily for a career):
·         Build a house
·         Surf science-related websites
·         cr‎eate crafts
·         Boost someone’s self-esteem
·         Lead a class project
·         Plan and organize a major event
·         Assemble furniture
·         Solve math puzzles
·         Direct a musical or play
·         Help others with personal problems
·         Negotiate contracts
·         Develop a record keeping system
·         Perform maintenance work
·         Investigate crimes
·         cr‎eate visual art
·         Teach a friend a new skill
·         Market a new product
·         Establish a budget
·         Repair a broken piece of equipment
·         Explore new theories
·         Design artwork for magazines or posters
·         Provide care for someone who is ill
·         Run a motivational seminar
·         Schedule tasks for a project
·         Drive a truck
·         Take things apart so you can learn how they work
·         Write a short story or novel
·         Be a foster parent
·         Persuade a jury
·         Manage a small office
·         Work on a landscaping project
·         Study theories of human behavior
·         Design a fashion collection
·         Run a support group for unemployed individuals
·         Starting up a small business
·         Set up systems to increase efficiency
se‎lect what you appreciate‚ or place value on:
·         Outdoor work
·         Continuous learning
·         Imagination
·         Human welfare
·         Taking risks
·         Accuracy and efficiency
·         Practical‚ hands-on work
·         Theories and ideas
·         Creativity
·         Generosity
·         Competition
·         Data and details
·         Practicality‚ common sense
·         Curiosity
·         Artistic expression
·         Providing service to others
·         Entrepreneurship
·         Organization
se‎lect occupations you might find interesting to work at:
·         Forestry Technician
·         Biologist
·         Creative Writer
·         Marriage/Family Therapist
·         Sales Representative (retail or wholesale)
·         Tax Preparer
·         Firefighter
·         Astronomer
·         Artist/Illustrator
·         Early Childhood Educator
·         Lawyer
·         Air Traffic Controller
·         Electrician
·         Medical Lab Technician
·         Actor/Performer
·         Home Healthcare Aide
·         Marketing Specialist
·         Court Reporter
·         Cook
·         Computer Programmer
·         Interior Designer
·         Social Worker
·         Financial Advisor
·         Legal/Medical Administrative Assistant
·         Heavy Equipment Operator
·         Economist
·         Music Composer/Arranger
·         Massage Therapist
·         Public Relations Specialist
·         Reservations Agent
se‎lect topics you might enjoy learning:
·         A skilled trade such as plumbing or welding
·         Physics
·         Acting
·         Social services (helping disadvantaged individuals/communities)
·         Politics
·         Accounting
·         Fish & wildlife management
·         Medical science
·         Music
·         Human development
·         Business
·         Administration
·         Agriculture
·         Statistics
·         Literature/poetry
·         Teaching
·         Leadership
·         Time management
·         Architectural drafting
·         Psychology
·         Design & layout
·         Nursing
·         Marketing
·         Project management
·         Cabinetmaking
·         Biology
·         Illustration
·         Counselling
·         Law
·         Banking
se‎lect what you can do well‚ or might have the potential for:
·         Understanding mechanical problems
·         Solving math problems
·         Artistic activities like sketching or painting
·         People skills like listening & empathizing
·         Influencing others
·         Following detailed instructions
·         Athletics
·         Understanding how things operate
·         Interpretive reading
·         Teaching/training others
·         Managing people
·         Coordinating activities
·         Using different types of equipment or tools
·         Complex problem solving
·         Playing a musical instrument
·         Coaching and developing others
·         Motivating and directing others
·         Organizing
·         Operating vehicles‚ mechanized devices‚ or equipment
·         Critical thinking
·         Creativity
·         Customer and personal service
·         Negotiation
·         Setting up procedures
Which Career Pathway is right for you?
Read each statement. If you agree with the statement‚ se‎lect the checkbox. There are no wrong answers!
1.    I like to work on cars
2.    I like to do puzzles
3.    I am good at working independently
4.    I like to work in teams
5.    I am an ambitious person‚ I set goals for myself
6.    I like to organize things‚ (files‚ desks/offices)
7.    I like to build things
8.    I like to read about art and music
9.    I like to have clear instructions to follow
10.I like to try to influence or persuade people
11.I like to do experiments
12.I like to teach or train people        
13.I like trying to help people solve their problems
14.I like to take care of animals
15.I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an office
16.I like selling things
17.I enjoy creative writing
18.I enjoy science
19.I am quick to take on new responsibilities
20.I am interested in healing people
21.I enjoy trying to figure out how things work
22.I like putting things together or assembling things
23.I am a creative person
24.I pay attention to details
25.I like to do filing or typing
26.I like to analyze things (problems/situations)
27.I like to play instruments or sing
28.I enjoy learning about other cultures        
29.I would like to start my own business
30.I like to cook
31.I like acting in plays
32.I am a practical person
33.I like working with numbers or ch‎arts
34.I like to get into discussions about issues
35.I am good at keeping records of my work
36.I like to lead
37.I like working outdoors
38.I would like to work in an office
39.I’m good at math
40.I like helping people
41.I like to draw
42.I like to give speeches