Coping Scale for children

If someone picks on me…
1.    I try to think of different ways to solve the problem.
2.    I tell a friend or family member what happened.
3.    I yell or shout to let off steam.
4.    I worry about it.
5.    I think that it is not such a big problem.
6.    I change something so things will work out.
7.    I talk to somebody about how it made me feel.
8.    I forget the whole thing.
9.    I swear (use bad words) out loud.
10.I do something else to help me forget about it.
11.I do something to make up for it.
12.I tell myself it doesn’t matter.
13.I get angry and throw or hit something.
14.I worry that others will think badly of me.
15.I watch TV or read a book so I can think about something else.
16.I go over in my mind what to do or say.
17.I ask someone in my family for advice
18.I keep myself busy with other things so I don’t worry about the problem.
19.I tell myself that the problem is not very important.
20.I do something to change the situation.
21.I get help from someone in my family.
22.I stamp my feet and slam or bang doors.
23.I keep feeling afraid it will happen again.
24.I find lots of other things to think about.
25.I will think it is no big deal.
26.I make a plan of what I am going to do.
27.I ignore the problem.
28.I think about it so much that I can’t sleep.
29.I find a way to solve the problem.
1 = not at all; 2 = hardly ever; 3 = sometimes; 4 = most of the time; 5 = all the time.

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