Community Integration Measure (CIM)

1. I feel like part of this community‚ like I belong here.
2. I know my way around this community.
3. I know the rules in this community and I can fit in with them.
4. I feel that I am accepted in this community.
5. I can be independent in this community.
6. I like where I’m living now.
7. There are people I feel close to in this community.
8. I know a number of people in this community well enough to say hello and have them say hello back.
9. There are things that I can do in this community for fun in my free time.
10. I have something to do in this community during that main part of my day that is useful and productive.
1=always disagree‚ 2= sometimes disagree‚ 3= neutral‚ 4= sometimes agree‚5= always agree

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