Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ-10 Child Version )

Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ-10 Child Version )
Allison et al‚ 2012
1.    S/he often notices small sounds when others do not
2.    S/he usually concentrates more on the whole picture‚ rather than the small details
3.    In a social group‚ s/he can easily keep track of several different people’s conversations
4.    S/he finds it easy to go back and forth between different activities
5.    S/he doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going with his/her peers
6.    S/he is good at social chit-chat
7.    When s/he is read a story‚ s/he finds it difficult to work out the ch‎aracter’s intentions or feelings
8.    When s/he was in preschool‚ s/he used to enjoy playing games involving pretending with other children
9.    S/he finds it easy to work out what someone is thinking or feeling just by looking at their face
10.S/he finds it hard to make new friends
Definitely Agree‚ Slightly Agree‚ Slightly Disagree Definitely
SCORING: Only 1 point can be scored for each question. Score 1 point for Definitely or Slightly Agree on each of items 1‚ 5‚ 7 and 10. Score 1 point for Definitely or Slightly Disagree on each of items 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 6‚ 8 and 9. If the individual scores more than 6 out of 10‚ consider referring them for a specialist diagnostic assessment.
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Allison C‚ Auyeung B‚ and Baron-Cohen S‚ (2012) Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 51(2):202-12.