Sexual Compulsivity Scale

1.    My sexual appetite has gotten in the way of my relationships.
2.    My sexual thoughts and behaviors are causing problems in my life.
3.    My desires to have sex have disrupted my daily life.
4.    I sometimes fail to meet my commitments and responsibilities because of my sexual behaviors.
5.    I sometimes get so horny I could lose control.
6.    I find myself thinking about sex while at work.
7.    I feel that sexual thoughts and feelings are stronger than I am.
8.    I have to struggle to control my sexual thoughts and behavior.
9.    I think about sex more than I would like to.
10.It has been difficult for me to find sex partners who desire ha‎ving sex as much as I want to. 
1-not at all like me‚ 2- Slightly like me‚ 3- Mainly like me‚ 4-very much like me
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