1.    I can concentrate on one activity for a long time‚ if necessary.
2.    If I am distracted from an activity‚ I don’t have any problem coming back to the topic quickly.
3.    If an activity arouses my feelings too much‚ I can calm myself down so that I can continue with the activity soon.
4.    If an activity requires a problem-oriented attitude‚ I can control my feelings.
5.    It is difficult for me to suppress thoughts that interfere with what I need to do. (–)
6.    I can control my thoughts from distracting me from the task at hand.
7.    When I worry about something‚ I cannot concentrate on an activity. (–)
8.    After an interruption‚ I don’t have any problem resuming my concentrated style of working.
9.    I have a whole bunch of thoughts and feelings that interfere with my ability to work in a focused way. (–)
10.I stay focused on my goal and don’t allow anything to distract me from my plan of action.
Note: (–) indicates the item has to be reversed
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(1) not at all true‚ (2) barely true‚ (3) moderately true‚ (4) exactly true