Personal Feelings Inventory (PFI)

1.    I have less interest than usual in things.
2.    I have difficulty concentrating.
3.    I am often sad or depressed.
4.    I have been uneasy or anxious in the past month.
5.    I feel depressed most of the time.
6.    I have trouble giving attention to ordinary routine.
7.    I have tried to avoid one or more situations in the past month.
8.    I have felt life wasn’t worth living.
9.    I tremble; my hands are shaky; I feel weak at the knees.
10.I have difficulty coming to a conclusion or decision.
11.I feel overwhelmed with life.
12.My thoughts dwell on a few troubles.
13.My hands are sweating and clammy.
14.I have kept up very few interests.
15.Little if anything interests me.
16.I feel hot and cold‚ and blush or get pale readily.
17.I spend less time at usual recreational activities.
18.I have butterflies or a sinking feeling in my stomach.
19.I feel miserable or unhappy.
20.I can’t concentrate when reading.
21.I am bothered by feelings of inadequacy.
22.My heart pounds or flutters when I am uneasy or panicky.
23.I have too little energy.
24.I can’t concentrate on movies or T.V. programs.
25.I have fear of a particular object or situation.
26.I tend to depreciate or criticize myself.
27.I have a dry or coated mouth.
28.I don’t seem to smile anymore.
29.I enjoy almost nothing.
30.I enjoy doing little if anything.
31.My fears prevent me from participating in some activities.
32.I have had difficulty with my memory lately.
33.I keep losing my train of thought.
34.I have dizziness‚ faintness‚ and/or giddiness.
35.I think about my death.
36.I have difficulty in getting my breath‚ and have a choking‚ tightness in my chest.
37.My thoughts get muddled.
38.I have trouble remembering something I have just read or heard.
39.I seem to be slowed down in thinking.
40.I have attacks of fear or panic and feel I have to do something to end it.
41.I spend time sitting around or in bed.
42.Recently I’ve been thinking of ending it all.
43.I am uneasy when I go out alone or stay home alone.
44.My memory is impaired.
45.I avoid going out alone or staying home alone.
46.My movements are slowed down.
47.I can’t make up my mind.
48.I have thoughts about killing myself.
49.I am uneasy when in an enclosed space.
50.I feel slowed down.
51.I am discouraged about the future.
52.I am uneasy when in crowds.
53.I have lost interest in work.
54.I avoid being in crowds.
55.I can’t concentrate on what people are saying.
56.I get attacks of sudden fear or panic.
57.I feel worthless.
58.I have little interest in movies or T.V.
59.I spend almost no time at recreation.
60.I avoid being in an enclosed space.
61.I feel ill at ease with people in general.
62.My future is bleak.
63.I continually feel afraid of things.
64.I get angry with myself.
65.I have a diminished appetite.
66.I feel slowed down in my thinking.
True/ False
Anxiety Subscale: 4‚ 7‚ 9‚ 13‚ 16‚ 18‚ 22‚ 25‚ 27‚ 31‚ 34‚ 36‚ 40‚ 43‚ 45‚ 49‚ 52‚ 54‚ 56‚ 60 and 63.
Depression subscale (45 items): 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 5‚ 6‚ 8‚ 10‚ 11‚ 12‚ 14‚ 15‚ 17‚ 18-21‚ 23‚ 24‚ 26‚ 28‚ 29‚ 30‚ 32‚ 33‚ 35‚ 37‚ 38‚ 39‚ 41‚ 42‚ 44‚ 46‚ 47‚ 48‚ 50‚ 51‚ 53‚ 55‚ 57‚ 58‚ 59‚ 61‚ 62‚ 64‚ 65‚ and 66
This instrument can be found online at:

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