Family Support Scale (FSS)

How helpful has each of the following been to you in terms of raising yourchild(ren)?
Sources of support
1.    My parents
2.    My partner/spouse’s parents
3.    My relatives/kin
4.    Partner/spouse
5.    spouse’s relatives
6.    My friends
7.    My partner/spouse’s friends
8.    My own friends [children]
9.    Other parents
11.Parent groups
12.Social groups/clubs
13.Place of worship/Religious organizations
14.My family or child’s doctor       
15.Professional helpers (social workers‚ therapists‚ etc.)                             
16.Professional agencies (public health‚ mental health‚ social services‚ etc.)             
17.School/day-care centers          
18.Early intervention programmes
Informal kinship‚ social organizations‚ formal kinship‚ nuclear family‚ specialized professional services‚ and general professional services.
Formal kinship‚ informal kinship‚ social groups‚ professionals‚ and professional group
familial‚ spousal‚ social‚ and professional
NA- not available. 1= not helpful at all‚ 2= sometimes helpful‚ 3= generally helpful‚ 4=very helpful‚ 5= extremely helpful
This instrument can be found at:

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