Coping with Cyberbullying Questionnaire (CWCBQ)

Did you ever experience something like that? (Yes/No)
What would you do in this situation? “I would…”
1.    report the incident to the website owner or to the telephone company (e.g.‚ YouTube)
2.    go to the police
3.    change my contact details (phone number‚ email address‚ chat name‚ profile on social networking sites)
4.    be totally desperate
5.    write mean and threatening things to the bully
6.    avoid any further contact with the bully
7.    seek advice on an online platform
8.    go to someone who listens to me and comforts me
9.    tell the bully to stop it
10.keep out of the bully’s way
11.spend time with my friends to take my mind off it
12.think that it is my fault
13.pretend that it does not bother me at all to my friends about it
15.accept the situation as it is because there is nothing you can do to stop bullying
16.tell the bully that this is not ok at all
17.inform a teacher or the principal
18.get back at the bully in the real world (offline‚ e.g.‚ at school)
19.ignore all messages/pictures so that the bully would lose interest
20.ask myself why this is happening exactly to me
21.not know what to do
22.tell the bully that I don’t think this is funny at all professional advice more attention to who has access to my data
25.tell the bully that his behaviour is hurting me
26.get back at the bully personally
27.go to someone who accepts me the way I am
28.block the bully to prevent him from contacting me again
29.get back at the bully together with my friends
30.try not to think about it less personal information on the Internet a helpline (e.g. Kids Helpline‚ CyberBullyHotline)
33.get back at the bully in cyber space (online‚ e.g.‚ text message‚ email)
34.ask the bully why he/she is doing this
35.go to someone I can trust messages/pictures as evidence (e.g.‚ copies or screenshots)
Distal Advice; Close Support; Retaliation; Assertiveness; Active Ignoring; Helplessness/Self-blame; Technical Coping.
1 Definitely Not‚ 2 Probably Not‚ 3 Probably‚ 4 Definitely Yes‚ 5 No Answer
Distal Advice (2‚ 7‚ 17‚ 23‚ 32); Close Support (8‚ 11‚ 14‚ 27‚ 35); Retaliation (5‚ 18‚ 26‚ 29‚ 33); Assertiveness (9‚ 16‚ 22‚ 25‚ 34); Active Ignoring (6‚ 10‚ 13‚ 19‚ 30); Helplessness/Self-blame (4‚ 12‚ 15‚ 20‚ 21); Technical Coping (1‚ 3‚ 24‚ 28‚ 31‚ 36)

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