a landmark agreement in 1975 between agencies, mothers and fathers, and friends of the court and New York, indicating the rights of people with cognitive retardation who resided at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, NY, for a long time. The agreement sought principles for the residents’ living environment, records, dental services, psychological services, assessment of services, education, personnel, speech and audiology services, emergencies, safety processes, recreation, food and nutrition services, physical therapy services, remediation and medication, medical services, building upkeep, and progression to community settings. Willowbrook State School was later re-named Staten Island Developmental Center and closed down in the 1980s. Commonly referred to as Willowbrook Consent Decree.

WILLOWBROOK CONSENT JUDGMENT: “The Willowbrook Consent Judgement has been called “revolutionary” for what it was able to achieve for individuals with developmental disabilities. “